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Thursday, May 28, 2009

They lie, they lie, they lie

As is usually the case, the Left has to lie in order to smear a fine institution.
Liberty University, which last week revoked offical recognition and school funding for the university’s College Democrats club while still allowing the club to meet on campus, is blasting the way the mainstream media have reported the story. On Monday, university president and chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr., said the mainstream media had falsely reported that the Lynchburg, Va.-based school had “banned” the club. “Even when some reporters learned the facts, they could not bring themselves to correct their stories because the fanciful reports were just too tempting,” Falwell said in a letter placed on the university’s Web site.
The article also mentions that MSNBC talking head Rachael Maddow was quoted as saying ""Liberty University is about to become famous for something else. They have banned Democrats on campus. Literally. Not hyperbole." Will anyone in the MSM call her out on this? I'm not holding my breath.

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