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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In defense of WND

Those who know me well are aware that my favorite blogger/columnist is Theodore Beale, who also blogs under the nom de plume "Vox Day". Monday's column by Day, announcing the resignation of Van Jones, also contained a defense of World Net Daily, the alternative news source that I cite from time to time. Quote: ...
"...according to its critics, WorldNetDaily is an unreliable and histrionic news source that is one step below the National Enquirer, which at least has a printed product. And while the National Enquirer likes reporting on celebrity alien abductions by surgically inclined extraterrestrials, WND rarely misses a story dealing with the antichrist, Harry Potter, or other religious bugaboos. But this is merely flavor, and while it may be an acquired taste of sorts, it's no more meaningful than the flavor that accompanies major media institutions such as the New York Times.....The superficial dressings are irrelevant. It's only the substance that matters, and it's here that WorldNetDaily has continued to go from strength to strength over the years. Its opinion columnists are smarter and better-looking than those featured by the mainstream media's standard bearer, but more importantly, they also cover a far greater range of the political spectrum. WorldNetDaily features liberals like Bill Press and Nat Hentoff, neoconservatives like Ben Shapiro and Michelle Malkin, conservatives like Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter, and libertarians such as Ilana Mercer and me. The New York Times, on the other hand, has smart liberals like Nicolas Kristof and Thomas Friedman, less-smart liberals like Paul Krugman, Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd, and Republican liberals such as David Brooks and Ross Douthat. "
Day did a masterful job of describing the online rag that nearly catapulted Mike Huckabee to greatness and (almost) single-handedly brought about the resignation of Jones. BTW, did you hear that a judge has finally scheduled a court date to hear arguements about Obama's eligibility to be president? In part, no doubt, to WND's determination in a matter that the MSM has completely ignored.

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