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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Famously Free-Thinking Left

For a political position that prides itself on "open mindedness" and "inclusion", it's interesting to note that this only applies if you are a like-minded comrade whose thinking is deemed acceptable by the current regime...

"Members of Congress questioned the proposed plan by the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to repeal regulations that allow health care workers to opt out of medical procedures for moral conscience reasons.

In a recent letter signed by 46 members of Congress, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was asked to explain why her department is seeking to repeal conscience protections for health care workers. House members cited two cases where medical workers were put in situations where they were being forced to go against their moral and religious conscience.

“Both of these situations are precisely the type of discrimination against health care providers that federal and conscience statutes were meant to redress,” the letter chided.

The lawmakers expressed strong support for moral conscience regulations and state strong opposition for “any action that would undermine or eliminate the responsibility of HHS to enforce conscience laws that have been enacted by Congress for nearly four decades.”

One of the two cases cited in the letter was that of registered New York nurse Catherina DeCarlo. DeCarlo alleged that she was forced by Mt. Sinai Hospital to participate in the abortion of an unborn baby against her moral and religious conscience.

The other case was that of two nursing students who were being required to sign a letter committing to assisting in abortions in order to be considered for Vanderbilt University’s obstetrical and gynecological care program."

Although it now appears the the Obama administration is beginning to see the light and back off from such a ghoulish, Orwellian position, one still is left to question why they sought to repeal the ability to opt out of certain procedures through such objections in the first place.

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belfast cabby said...

Forced to participate in an abortion the thought is just horrifying!