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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No Doubt About It, The Guardian is Thoroughly Obsessed with Michelle Bachmann

That the British tabloid newspaper The Guardian is thoroughly and demonstrably obsessed with Representative (and GOP presidential candidate), Michelle Bachmann is something I've brought up before. Don't believe me?

July 22nd, Michelle Bachmann is apparently a 'homophobe'. Link. (Never mind that the term 'homophobia' has been found to be an etymologically incorrect term.)

June 27th, They licked their chops over Michelle Bachmann mixing up two towns out in the boondocks of Iowa as to which was the hometown of John Wayne as opposed to the hometown of John Wayne Gacy. Two people, both with 'John Wayne' in their names and both from Iowa? A forgivable offense, I suppose. If the hit piece article's author has ever made reference to Obama's 57 States flub or his Special Olympics fiasco, then I might say that it wasn't prejudiced.

July 11th, Michelle Bachmann is anti-new style light bulb. They put Bachmann's photo front and center on the article despite the fact that numerous elected officials at the federal level and in state legislatures opposed any moves to phase out incandescent light bulbs. But why let that get in the way of the obvious fun they are having at their favorite whipping girl's expense?

July 13th, When a bill concerning incandescent light bulbs fails, Michelle Bachmann's image again is put front and center of the story. Apparently, there is a concerted effort to AGAIN focus on Rep. Bachmann during this particular legislative process.

Which brings us to the most recent example of politically motivated agitprop masquerading as 'commentary' entitled, Growing up in Michele Bachmann's world. I'll just quote one of the more obvious paragraphs for our purposes here...

"Unfortunately, millions of evangelicals – and this would include much of the political base being courted by the GOP presidential candidates as well as the candidates themselves – are trapped in an alternative "parallel culture" with its own standards of truth. The intellectual authorities mentioned above – with the exception of Schaeffer who died in 1984 – all have media empires that spread their particular version of the gospel. Millions of dollars every year support the production of books, DVDs, radio shows, school curricula, and other educational materials. Very few evangelicals grow up without hearing some trusted authority – perhaps even with a PhD – tell them that the age of the Earth is an "open question". Or that scientists are questioning evolution. Or that gays are getting spiritual help and becoming straight. Or that secular historians are taking religion out of US history."

Insofar as the "intellectual authorities mentioned" that appear in the article, a veritable 'who's who' of intellectual boogeymen that the Left despises like poison are trotted out in an attempt to scare the reader into a guitly by association fallacy that is as transparent as it is intellectually dicey. Francis Schaeffer, Henry Morris, Ken Ham, James Dobson, Peter Marshall, and David Barton are all given the intellectual frog-walk/perp-walk in the article, yet at no point are any of the ideas of any of these people presented and deconstructed. They are simply dismissed out of hand as being just plain wrong as if it were a given fact.

They go on to basically state that the age of the earth is somehow settled and yet among geologists the figures range from 4.5 billion years to 6 billion years and I have even heard the figure of 10 billion years offered up when it comes to the dating of certain rocks.

The article further assumes that there aren't scientists that differ with Darwinian evolution and yet there is no mention of the ever growing list of scientists that are in fact skeptical of Darwinism, particularly when it comes to the mechanism of natural selection.

The writer seems incredulous that "gays are getting spiritual help and becoming straight" and is apparently comepletely clueless to the fact that the number one reason that gay men seek to leave the homosexual lifestyle is to heal emotional pain.

I could go on and on dubunking the baseless statements offered up by this rag, but you get the picture. These people apparently have an irrational obsession with Rep. Bachmann (R-MN). But why? They seem to be very afraid of her and all of this bigoted, unfair, and negative publicity turns me off to the point that I might actually vote for her in the primaries even though she might not be my favorite candidate. Practically any of the GOP candidates that are polling over 3% now would do a much better job than Obama and if Bachmann is ticking these people off to the exent that they are obsessing over her to this degree, then she must be doing something right.


Speedy G said...

Sounds like the Eurotrash Left are scared silly that the Socialist International elite candidate from the Republican establishment, Mitt Romney, might loose the nomination.

Expect to see a plethora of Commie Brits all over the blogs flogging the rest of the presidential field... just like they were in '04 and '08. Hormel's Spam-a-lot poofters must be calling in their reinforcements. ;)

JD Curtis said...

Expect to see a plethora of Commie Brits all over the blogs flogging the rest of the presidential field

I recently heard one conservative talk-show host mention that the MSM seems to be going light on Romney lately and this is because there is some rationalization on the Left that Romney is quite beatable in a general election.

If Romney is the eventual nominee, at least he has a record of accomplishment outside of government he could point to. But it's not like never having accomplished anything ever prevented the Kool-Aid drinkers on the Left from voting for the Sernegeti Saviour.