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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Unmitigated Disaster That Would Have Been Henry Agard Wallace

Fresh off of last night's viewing of Captain America (Note: We rated it 'Very Good', but not quite 'Great') I approach today with a renewed interest in 1940's geopolitics. Today's article by David Stokes reminds us of how thankful we should be that Franklin Roosevelt left Henry A. Wallace (above, left) off of the ticket when he ran for his last term of president and instead replaced him with Harry S. Truman. Some facts raised by Stokes in his article to buttress his main point are..

  • "...if Franklin Roosevelt hadn’t dumped Mr. Wallace from the ticket in favor of Harry S. Truman that year, the post-World War Two world would have been significantly influenced by a pro-Communist lackey for the Soviet Union, who once suggested that “if we could practice eugenics on people. We could turn out a beautiful golden race.”

  • "Henry Wallace was the highest-ranking nut ever to serve the Republic. He was known to think not only out of the box, but also far from reality. Consider some of the strange and embarrassing letters he wrote to a self-styled Russian mystic named Nicholas Constantin Roerich, things like:

    My Dear Guru: The search, whether it be for the lost world of Masonry or the Holy Chalice or the potentialities or the age to come is the one supremely worthwhile in objective. All else is Karmic duty. Here is life.”

    Translation? No clue—but that’s the point, the guy was clueless.

  • "Quite frankly, everything we know about Henry A. Wallace from the 1948 campaign suggests that U.S. foreign policy would have been one surrender after another to Soviet European hegemony. In fact, in 1946 and while serving as Secretary of Commerce under Truman, Wallace advocated cooperation with the Soviets in spite of overwhelming evidence that the Communists had every intention of dominating Eastern Europe. This was in a speech delivered at Madison Square Garden in New York. Truman fired Wallace shortly thereafter."

The article by Stokes is an interesting read for those interested in American history. It focuses on a man scarcely remembered and whose name sits practically undisturbed upon the ashbin of history, and yet he was, quite frighteningly, a mere heartbeat away from being sworn in as leader of the free world.


Stormbringer said...

Roosevelt was not all that concerned with communists in the administration and in powerful American government positions. The infamous "I have a list" of Senator McCarthy did not impress him (partly because of leftists in the news media maligning him and doing the typical leftist logical argument of "making stuff up") Also, other socialists in power managed to make the American communists of no consequence to Roosevelt, and he thought he could handle Uncle Joe Stalin, who he thought was a reasonable man.

But still, I do not know of Roosevelt supporting eugenics even though it was a popular position with "intellectuals" and other people who wanted to look smart before the war.

JD Curtis said...

Perhaps Roosevelt had a moment of clarity and saw how America would have been compromised and thus left Wallace off the ticket.