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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Global Warming Fraud Gets Waylaid‏

The Cult of the Hot Planet set suffered yet another devastating setback recently as 50 NASA astronauts, scientists and engineers signed a letter asking that the otherwise reputable agency's credibility not be sent over a cliff in support of unfounded, cultic psuedo-science. Notrickzone.com highlights the verbage of the letter sent late last month to NASA administrator Charles Bolden Jr...

"Eventually the sham is going to give, and the latest letter signed by 50 NASA experts, with more than 1000 years of combined professional experience, is a sure sign the gig’s about over.

"…..unproven remarks…..not substantiated…..hundreds of well-known climate scientists…..tens of thousands of other scientists publicly declaring their disbelief…..science is NOT settled…..unbecoming of NASA’s history…..advocacy of an extreme position…..damage to the exemplary reputation of NASA…..even the reputation of science itself…”

Letters to the top don’t get any more blunt than that.

And how many tens of billions have these crackpots at GISS cost the taxpayers?"

Check out the list that signed to this letter if you get the chance. It contains such names as Al Worden, Richard F. Gordon Jr and Charles Duke. I'll cast my lot with that group any day over the hand-wringing Matrons of Doom advocating extremist social engineering and high taxation in the name of naturally occuring carbon dioxide.

Above photo: Space Shuttle Enterprise. I just found out only about 2 weeks ago that one of the pilots that guided the Enterprise back to earth on the maiden shuttle exercise in 1978 was astronaut Fred Haise, whose character you might remember from the motion picture Apollo 13 played by actor Bill Paxton.

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Ross said...

From July 1, Australia will be one of the few industrialized countries in the world to have a carbon tax. In the global scheme of things, it's doubtful it will have much effect.