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Monday, May 7, 2012

God is not mocked: 2 examples

Sunday School was informative this week and two examples of those who wished to uproot Christianity and their eventual legacies were discussed. The first example cited was that of enlightenmant philosopher Voltaire who famously said ' that within 100 years of his time, Christianity would be swept away from existence and pass into the obscurity of history'. Exactly how did that prediction work out for Voltaire?

"Voltaire, a French infidel, said: “While it took 12 men to write Christianity up, I will show that it takes but one man to write it down!” Taking his pen, he dipped it into the ink of unbelief and wrote against God. But, the very room in which he made that statement was soon used after his death as a Bible storehouse! The printing press which published Voltaire’s works was later used in Geneva to print Bibles! Voltaire’s house was used by the Geneva Bible Society as a distribution center for Bibles. Voltaire stated that 100 years from his death a person would be able to find a copy of the Bible only in museums because the Bible would become a dead book! He died in 1778.

Only 25 years after his death, the British and Foreign Bible Society was organized and the very presses which had been used to print Voltaire’s writings were used to print copies of the Word of God.

Since Voltaire’s death, millions of copies of the Bible have been printed. The demand for Bibles increases."

So much for that prediction by ole' Voltaire. The second example mentioned yesterday was that of atheist Felix Dzerzhinsky. Once the leader of Chaka, the forerunner of the GPU, his organization murdered many priests and other 'enemies of the state' and the total killed may have been high as half a million souls. After his death in 1926, eventually a large statue was erected in his honor in Moscow and it was called 'Iron Feliz' by the locals. Click here to see the image of what eventually became of his statue.

Above image- Russian Orthodox cross erected on what was once the pedestal supported the statur of 'Iron Felix'.


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