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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Has Samson account been independently verified apart from the Bible?

From yesterday's Christian Post we read...

"Israeli archaeologists recently discovered a coin, dating from the 11th century before Christ. It depicted "a man with long hair fighting a large animal with a feline tail." Ring any Old Testament bells?

The coin was found near the Sorek River, which was the border between the ancient Israelite and Philistine territories 3,100 years ago. Sound vaguely familiar?

The archaeologists thought so, too. While Shlomo Bunimovitz and Zvi Lederman of Tel Aviv University don't claim that the figure depicted on the coin is proof that Samson actually existed, they do see the coin as proof that stories about a Samson-like man existed independently of the Bible.

Stated differently, the story of Samson was not the literary invention of a sixth-century B.C. scribe living in Babylon, as has commonly been assumed by mainstream biblical scholarship."

It does seem to support the narrative of the Samson account. I admit that I'm not up on 'mainstream biblical scholarship', but I hope this latest discovery gives critics of the Bible pause to reflect upon what the science of archeology is proving about the reliability of this important, ancient document.


Gregg said...

It would be cool I guess if we could ascertain the original intent of the one who struck that coin. Coins, commemorative or commercial depicting biblical person or even would be interesting. However, no person or event in the Scripture needs or is dependent upon extra-biblical verification to determine or prove the veracity of Scripture.

If anything Scripture validates any scientific or archeological find.

But, if orders are being taken, I will take one Samsom Commemorative Collectors Coin!

(P. S. - you don't know how much I despise these verifications. I have all but stopped commenting on sights that use them.)

The Maryland Crustacean said...

What I find most credible about the Samson story is that it is not something a myth writer could have made up. If he were a mythological figure, he would not have been portrayed as impetuous, hot-headed and unable to keep his pants zipped; but God used him in spite of his numerous flaws.