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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Might this be the first sign of "cahones"?

Both Byron York and Powerline are reporting on the scandal of the firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin. Is this perhaps the issue that Republicans will finally "grow a pair" and actually take issue with the Obamessiah?
The White House suggestion that Walpin, who is 77 years old, is somehow mentally not up to his job and cannot perform his duties has caused great skepticism among Republicans on Capitol Hill. GOP investigators have talked to Walpin and found him entirely sharp and focused. "He has been collected and coherent," says one investigator. "What the White House described is not the experience that we have had in dealing with him." (That is also my own experience, having talked with Walpin for a total of about two hours since the weekend.) In addition, Walpin has also performed well in recent high-profile media appearances.
This entire episode stinks to High Heaven. It is now being alleged that this scandal could expand to include other IG's who were let go. Hats off the Sen Grassley for his persistance in this matter.

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