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Monday, November 9, 2009

Fort Hood, 2 more columnists weigh in today.

One item that I meant to "update" on my earlier entry below entitled "Massacred by Multiculturalism" was the apparent cavalier attitude by which Obama addressed the horrific slaughter in his press conference that day. David Warren of the Ottawa Citizen put it thusly...

"President Barack Obama's display on Thursday made my point more clearly than it usually can be made, for he turned on a dime. He assumed the "presidential grieving tone" over the Fort Hood massacre, the moment after he'd just done an equally scripted segment of light joking banter for the benefit of the Tribal Nations Conference he was addressing. Millions in the television audience must have watched this incredibly cynical "quick flip." I wonder how many noticed it?.....What happened at Fort Hood was no kind of "tragedy." It was a criminal act, of the terrorist sort, performed by a man acting upon known Islamist motives. To present the perpetrator himself as a kind of "victim" -- a man emotionally distressed by his impending assignment to Afghanistan or Iraq -- is to misrepresent the reality......Getting at Islamist cells, to say nothing of lone, self-appointed jihadis within our society, means getting over the false sentimentality that turns a terrorist incident into an "incomprehensible tragedy" when it is not incomprehensible, and not a theatrical event. It also means ripping through the politically-correct drivel that is put in the way of investigators. They should surely be allowed to assume that every loyal Muslim will be eager to give information to help them identify any potential killers in their midst. We'd be better off confronting that Islamist enemy, than spraying perfume after each fatal strike."

Indeed, there seems to be a rush to judgement in accepting that this was a "lone-wolf gunman" type attack than a terrorist attack. I would like to wait until all of the evidence is in. Meanwhile Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) assures us that she is "on the Hasan case". One other columnist before I go. Vox Day has weighed in with his opinion concerning the slaughter at Fort Hood....

"The great problem facing the U.S. in the future, of which the Fort Hood shootings would appear to be an early harbinger, is that the undermining of America's dominant European Christian culture has laid the foundation for what promises to be a long and bitter struggle for cultural supremacy. These struggles usually end one of three ways: division, expulsion or submission to a superior authority. Of the three, the latter would appear to be the most likely given the broad spectrum of global governance programs, but history seldom plays out according to the obvious scenario. Furthermore, economic downturns tend to play havoc with empires. The true tragedy of Fort Hood is that it could have been so easily avoided by rejecting the false promises of multiculturalism and mass immigration 44 years ago."

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Tracy said...

I definitely agree with your point JD, that "I would like to wait until all of the evidence is in" before we can know if this was some crazy man or a planned incident. I think that the investigation into if these were government issued weapons that were used, that Lt. Gen. Robert Cone said was taking place, would shed some light on this incident. Also, finding out if Hasan was the author of those internet posts that we was already being investigated regarding.