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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Man fired after saying homosexuality wrong

It happened at the Brookstone store in the international airport (Logan) in Boston.

  • "Peter Vadala was fired and the company says he violated a tolerance policy. But Vadala reports his dismissal came because he expressed his Christian view of homosexuality after a female manager made repeated references as she approached him four times during work hours to her plans to marry her lesbian partner.
  • At the start of the day, she told me she was getting married. I told her 'Congratulations,' and asked, 'Where's he taking you on your honeymoon?'" Vadala said.

  • "She replied that her partner was a 'she,'" he continued, "So I immediately tried to change the subject.
  • "I think she knew I was uncomfortable talking about it," he continued. "But, she brought it up to me three more times during the day.
  • After the fourth time she told me about her plan to marry her partner, I told her, 'I think homosexuality is bad stuff,'" Vadala said." "That's what I said. I wasn't rude about it and I didn't act disrespectfully to her," he said. "All the woman said to me as she left the store was, 'Human Resources buddy. You keep your opinions to yourself!'"

    Here's the link to the entire article. I couldnt care less what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults. It's really none of my business. If Vadala's account is accurate, then this manager seems to have had a chip on her shoulder. If she had kept her private life to herself than I doubt that any of this would have happened. I'm sure this will all come out in court and that Mr Vadala has retained the services of an attorney. I'll keep you posted if any other developments come about.


Tracy said...

I am like you in that I believe what happens behind closed doors is none of my business.

But I do repeatedly see a gay agenda that is detrimental toward Christians. It sounds as if the woman was almost provoking Vadala in this story, as if she wanted to start an argument.

An example of the "gay agenda" could be demonstrated by the passage of prop 8 in California (passage meant gay people can have civil unions but not marriages); when it passed, Gays were burning Bibles on the steps of LDS churches. I am not Mormon, but I respect their right to practice their religion and know full well that if LDS people had burned anything on the door step of a gay and lesbian center building they would have been prosecuted. But a blind eye was turned to this hate crime because of the strength of gay rights groups that push their agenda.

I even have my own story: I was, after 9yrs, termed from a job. The only time I'd ever been termed from any job (I'm one of those obsessive employees who goes way above and beyond). A big part of the whole dynamic that took place was with a gay employee. Because I am a Christian, he made a lot of assumptions about me. I went out of my way to be fair and good to him; but I did not always do things the way he wanted. When he didn't get his way in situations, he would call my boss or HR and complain about me; the complaints always included that I was anti gay. Now the decisions I made were never anything to do with our private lives, the decisions had nothing to do with our sexuality whatsoever. I never, at any point, ever, said anything about my thoughts on gay sexuality. I really didn't say much about Christianity either; but occasionally I may have said I'd prayed about something or was thankful for how something turned out at work. I'm a bit on the task oriented side and don't do a lot of personal talk at work; especially that job because it was already a hostile work environment toward me from the moment I stepped in the door. The former administrator, who was at that time a consultant, didn't like the way I do business (that feeling was mutual on my part - I didn't like the way he did business either) and was rather close personal friends with this particular gay employee. I was not fired because of the calls the gay man made, but his calls certainly hurt me in a big way, they made the company very uncomfortable. I feel like, if he had not been gay, the company would have been way more likely to have supported me. The judgments I made that this man didn't like were the same type judgments I'd been making for 9yrs that the company had, previously, been loving me for but now were getting anxious because of all he complaints (where there's smoke there must be fire - right?)

Leo B. Vadalà said...

It seems that some are more equal than others.

By the way, no relation.

JD Curtis said...

And Leo, it looks like he has the same last name as you

JD Curtis said...

Thank you for the personal story Tracy. I wonder how much him being gay had to do with your termination as opposssed to him being an a**hole.

Leo B. Vadalà said...
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Leo B. Vadalà said...

Yes, JD. It is not the most common name in the world, so it jumps out whenever I see it in printed media as in this case. No relation though.

The name is more common in Sicily, an island invaded by everyone and their sister over a couple thousand years, including the Arabs.

It is apparently an altered form of the Arabic ‛Abd Allāh' or ‘servant of God’.