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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

McCain Starting to Lose it

It would appear that leading Republican In Name Only, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is starting to lose it. Fresh on the heels of his "I never considered myself a maverick" BS that Leonard Pitts (whom I often don't agree with but is correct in this instance) rightly called him out for, stating...

"This, after the hard-fought presidential campaign of 2008 in which McCain, his advertising team, his surrogates and his running mate all but tattooed the “M” word on their foreheads.

Indeed, not only did they call McCain a maverick, but so did the subtitle of his 2003 memoir. Heck, his campaign plane when he ran for president back in 1999 was dubbed Maverick One. Yet there he is in the April 12, 2010, edition of Newsweek, page 29, top of the center column: “I never considered myself a maverick.”

And his integrity kicked twice and was still." Link

We now find that McCain has done an about face and is now attempting to get tough on immigration, reversing an earlier decision to create a rapid path to citizenship for illegal aliens already in the United States.

"Arizona Sens. John McCain and John Kyl, both Republicans, called Monday’s news conference to announce a 10-point plan to secure the border between Arizona and Mexico. They are requesting the immediate deployment of 3,000 National Guard troops and a permanent increase of 3,000 more Custom and Border Protection Agents along the state’s border by 2015." Link

If the more astute bloggers out there would take notice, the date on the linked CNS News article regarding McCain's decision is dated from Tuesday, 4/20. Might it be more than just a coincidence that McCains republican opponent in the Arizona US Senate primary, JD Hayworth (pictured above) released the following news item on his official website?

"Today it is McCain 47, Hayworth 42

Phoenix, AZ (April 16) - A new poll released today by Rasmussen Reports shows that Senator John McCain's lead over J.D. Hayworth in the Arizona Republican primary race has slipped to a mere 5 points.

"McCain has flooded the airways with paid advertisements and apparently Arizona voters don't like what he has to say," said Hayworth campaign manager David Payne. "Congressman Hayworth's grassroots campaign and conservative message is being embraced by the people."

The poll of likely Republican primary voters shows that "McCain has been losing ground since January when he picked up 53 percent of the potential GOP Primary vote and Hayworth had only 31 percent," according to the Rasmussen news release. It also found just 2 percent prefer some other candidate, and 8 percent are undecided.

"Any incumbent who is earning less than 50 percent of the vote at this stage of the campaign in considered vulnerable," the Rasmussen release said."

Back when McCain was running for president against the Sage of Mombassa, I was reluctant to vote for him and was considering just sitting out the general election being that my guy (Mitt Romney, who's website I link to on the left margin) was knocked out of the race by well intentioned and yet ill-informed party members who somehow thought that McCain was "electable" and would win over certain democrats along with independent voters. A certain family member who is career military kind of asked that I vote for the bum and for that person, I did. Not that it made much of a difference in the long run.

I'm considering making a donation to Hayworth's campaign. Hayworth has rebutted McCain's attempt to make himself over as someone who is actually tough on illegal immigration by stating the following.

"Five years ago, I introduced the ‘Enforcement First Act’ in the U.S. House of Representatives," Hayworth said. "Had McCain supported my efforts in 2005 to secure the U.S. border, rather than stubbornly support amnesty, we would not be trying to apply quick fixes today."

I concur with Hayworth and I hope he wins in his primary battle against McCain, who one blogger described as suffering from Stockholm Syndrom after being captured by Marxists in the Vietnam War.


JennsR said...

JD ALREADY LOST IT...literally, physically, mentally, emotionally...JD is a joke!

Tracy said...

Was amused to see that the "military type" in your family got you to vote for McCain. My son who is in the Army helped me see all that is good in McCain as well. But, I think he's getting too old to be a realistic future candidate.

JD Curtis said...

Thank you Tracy. I think McCain should be enjoying a well deserved retirement right aabout now.

JennsR, do you often post goofball criticism without any substance?