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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Obama and the Little Green Nazis

Winston Churchill once famously said, "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it". It would appear that history is repeating itself in the United States where the left is embracing the foolhardy religion of the Global Warming Panic Cult. In order to spread the Social Gospel of Gaia, the Obama administration has aquired the services of the Rev. Jim Wallis to, in the words of Meghan Clyne, writing in The Weekly Standard to use "churches and congregations to advance the administration’s climate-change agenda".

Today's article by David Noebel draws some interesting parallels between the policies of Obama administration and that of a certain Reichskanzler elected in 1933.

"I've been thinking … well, I've been reading and thinking. I've been reading Erwin Lutzer's latest work, "When A Nation Forgets God: Seven Lessons We Must Learn From Nazi Germany." Published by Moody Publishers, the Moody Church pastor analyses how the church in Germany fell under the sway of Adolf Hitler. Here's the bad news: "By far the majority of the Lutheran churches sided with Hitler and his spectacular reforms." The good news: "But a minority, under the leadership of (Dietrich) Bonhoeffer (pictured above) and (Martin) Niemoller, chose to pull away from the established church to form the 'Confessing Church.'"

I find it disturbing that the Obama administration is trying to use churches, including evangelical churches, for its own political purposes...

Clyne's article's subtitle summarizes the administration's underlying political goal: "The White House wants churches to advance its climate change agenda." She points out that while Wallis wrote in December 2006 that "Republicans shamelessly politicized the faith-based initiative," Wallis himself is now "a member of Obama's faith-based council and has also met with congressional Democrats to help them frame their policies in more morally appealing terms." These Wallis-trained Democrats will in turn make "inroads with religious voters." Sound similar to Hitler's making inroads with the Lutherans of his day?"

In yet another example of selective amnesia by the Left, George W. Bush was roundly thrown under the bus when he first proposed faith based initiatives (and perhaps some of that criticism was justified). However, I'm not hearing the same level of criticism hurled at Obama for doing much the same thing. In fact, I rarely hear ANY criticism of Obama by the Mainstream Media in this country on anything so I'm not at all surprised.


photogr said...

All part of the coming times J.D. I am afraid we will continue to repeat history time after time. Some in power never learn or failed to research history.

Gregg said...

I do have to agree with one thought expressed, I never hear O'bama criticised for anything.

Froggie said...

Too bad you losers can't see what we have done to the earth and what we need to do to correct it.
When crop failures and crappy air take you to the point where you are cannibalizing your children you'll probably be praying for God to save you.

We need to be moving on Energy independence, preserving rainforests, sustainability, green jobs, livable cities, renewables, clean water, clean air, healthy children, et & et.

You have no clue how close you are to ruining the planet.

Just one hundred years ago we were living on the great interest the plant was paying. We were using far less resources than the planet produced. We have used that all up now and we are drawing on the principal at an exponential rate. That is a fact and you cannot refute it.
It is pig ignorant to think we can proceed at this pace. It is even more atrocious to compare Obama to Hitler.

You are the ones living in the past.

This is the most absurd post yet.

Froggie said...

"I do have to agree with one thought expressed, I never hear O'bama criticised for anything."

You might try pulling your head out of your sorry ass.

Froggie said...

The very article JD linked to is a criticism is it not?

Even Americans United is critical of BO on this.


Froggie said...
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JD Curtis said...

Frogster, the same article lauds BO for initiating steps that...

• Require that program beneficiaries receive written notice of their right to receive services from a secular provider.

• Clarify that beneficiaries have a right to refuse to “actively participate” in religious practices, including the right to refuse even to attend such a practice.

• Make it clear that government money may not fund “explicitly religious activities,” a term defined as “any activities that involve overt religious content.”

• Ensure that organizations that are awarded federal aid undergo training about the church-state standards that follow these funds.

Anyway you slice it Frogster, I distinctly remember hearing more bitching from the MSM about Bush on this issue than BHO. Hands down.