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Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Thoughts

Economist Thomas Sowell once again treats us to his wonderfully unique, recurring theme in his articles, that of 'Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene'. I will cull just a few of what I found to be the more unique gems from his quotations and you can read the full text of his comments by clicking here....

  • I would vote against anyone who plays the race card. Race and politics have been an explosive mixture in countries around the world.

  • If polygamists were not allowed to redefine marriage to suit themselves, why should homosexuals be allowed to?

  • This is truly the "me" generation, when someone will release secret information that includes who has been helping us in the fight against terrorism-- information that can get girls' faces mutilated and their parents beheaded by our Islamic terrorist enemies.

  • Politicians often act as if you can create costs without creating consequences. Force insurance companies to cover more things and then act surprised when the premiums go up. Mandate more benefits for employers to provide for their employees and then act surprised when they don't hire as many workers. It is great political theater but lousy economic policy.

  • The title of the article on the cover of the September 13th issue of Time magazine-- "Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace"-- speaks volumes about our times and about us. Future historians looking back at the history of this era may well be baffled as to why both our media and the administration in Washington embraced our enemies and repudiated our friends.

All of that and a free offer today from Sowell. Quote, "Who led the major leagues in extra-base hits the year that Babe Ruth set his record of 60 home runs? The first ten readers who e-mail the correct answer (sowell@stanford.edu) will receive a copy of my book "Intellectuals and Society." Good Luck!


Gregg said...

Very good bulletin points.

Politicians - it is easy to mandate popular items that people desire, but payday comes someday. These politically motivated mandates do not fund themselves. The heart-wrenching truth is that the American public is so gullible and entitlement oriented that the majority will vote for anyone who promises them anything. Here is the real issue - the majority will vote for those who tickle their ears without ever realizing the other hand of the politician is in there pockets.

Nothing turns my stomach more and faster then to hear someone say that Israel does not care about peace. I am sure the overwhelming majority of the Jewish people long for peace. I have no doubt that any sane, rational, and intelligent being is sickened by death, deformity, destruction, disease, devastation, and disharmony. The difference between Israel and the USA majority these days is that Israel does not want peace at "any cost." The price for peace is to high. We have forgotten that. We want peace and have shown that we are willing to pay any price for it.

Israel is exists, has the right to exists, and has no need to allow anyone to dictate who will set up shop inside their borders.

The Psalmist has told us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

GentleSkeptic said...

Israel is exists, has the right to exists, and has no need to allow anyone to dictate who will set up shop inside their borders.

You DO realize that the modern state of Israel set up shop inside Palestinian borders?

Folks who learn their geopolitics from the Bible really make me nervous. The price that Israel is unwilling to pay - so nobly, in your account - is simply the price of letting the other guy get something too. Clearly, too high.

Whateverman said...

Race card - I guess I agree. I don't think Obama is guilty of this, though...

Polygamy - Yup

Me generation - Disagree. That was the 80s. He's simply describing stuff that exists across all generations: stupidity & selfishness.

Politicians - They act this way because we (re. the voters) demand that they do. We wont elect people who tell us that we must pay for things, or that there are negative consequences associated with the things we want changed. As soon as voters accept responsibility for the consequences of the things and people we vote into law/office, politicians will start giving us a more accurate representation of the issues.

Israel - Far too complicated for easily digetible labels of "good / bad", "right / wrong". In fact, Sowell's opinion on this point conflicts with his opinion on Politicians. It's a fact that Israel is as much to blame for the conflict (past and current) as are the Palestinians. Criticizing people who criticize Israel glosses over details that Sowell was quick to deride politicians for doing.

Gregg said...

@GentleSkeptic - Israel set up shop in a land inhabited by some 31 Kings and Kingdoms. God gave the land to Israel. Palestine and Palestinians didn't exsist when God gave them the land.

The Palestinian's set up shop in a land that belonged to Israel and not to them. They are interlopes and trespassers. By the way, for the record, the land actually was not designed to be owned by the various tribes of Israel, God owns that land and He divided the land between the twelve tribes as a stewardship.

If you allow me to hang around you, you will be a major nervous wreck. The only authority that I have for "geography" and "politics" or anything is the Bible.

Fortunately the day is coming when Christ, the King of the Jews will return and He will destroy the enemies of Israel and establish peace.

Coco Rico said...

Interesting points from Sowell. The Israel question is a tough one. I support Israel but I think the only way to peace is a one-state solution, and Jews and Arabs there will have to deal with decades of turbulence until they can get along. The US Civil War was catastrophic and it took decades for North and South to get along -- but eventually we became one nation.

Maybe there is a way to have laws protecting Israel as a Jewish haven, but still granting Palestinians full rights (even if it means Arabs will outnumbers Jews at some point).

ATVLC said...

Thomas Sowell was 37 years old when marriage was "redefined" to allow interracial marriage. And now he using the same justifications the anti-miscegenationists were using - against homosexuals.

JD Curtis said...

You DO realize that the modern state of Israel set up shop inside Palestinian borders?

I'm not even convinced that the Palestinians are even a distinct people. Link

JD Curtis said...

Apparently Babe Ruth's fellow Yankee, Lou Gehrig led the majors in extra-base hits in '27 Link

Gregg said...

Coco Rico - the Jews and Arabs will never get along. This is a fight until the death. The only peace that will be realized will be a very short lived peace but actual peace will be when the Jewish Messiah comes to rule Israel.

The Palestinians have no right nor claim to the land and therefore no concessions need to be made. They need to leave and one day will.

The fact that the Arabs have outnumbered the Jews before has been meaningless.

This is a war between Ishmael and Isaac. The land was given to Isaac and his descendants. Ishmael was cast out and has no inheritance in the land of Israel.

ATVLC said...

“As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities”. Voltaire

Froggie said...


It comes as no surprise to find out that Christine O'Donnell's father was a clown.

hee hee.

Ross said...

I don't see how past prohibitions against interracial marriage are comparable to the current restrictions against same sex marriage. The former was clearly an injustice that needed to be corrected. Racism is immoral.

On the other hand, as far as I can see, same sex marriage advocates all too often hastily label anyone who opposes them as bigots, regardless of whether or not they actually are.

Adam Nardoli said...

Racial discrimination is immoral but discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is not?