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Friday, October 15, 2010

Red Dragon Rising

While some of you may be familiar with recent clashes between Japan and China over territorial waters, there was also a less publicized incident between China and Vietnam. It would seem that China is flexing it's military muscles and asserting authority in that part of the world.

In Benny Avni's article today, he asserts that these incidents are just the beginning of problems between the an increasingly aggressive China and the West.

China's new assertiveness goes beyond brazen displays of power in its immediate neighborhood. Beijing is also spreading its wings in Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.

The most worrisome example was an air exercise last month in Turkey. For years, the annual drill known as "Anatolian Eagle" involved America, Israel and other Western allies of Turkey. But last year, when Ankara barred Israeli pilots from participating, the US and Italy cancelled their participation in solidarity. So this year, Turkey invited China to replace its old nato allies in the annual exercise.

More, the Turkish daily Hurriyet reported on Monday that China's Russian-made SU-27 warplanes made a refueling stop in Iran on route to the Turkish air exercise. It was the first time since the 1979 revolution that the Islamic Republic granted foreign planes access to its territory.

According to reports in Turkey and Israel, Washington is watching warily. Before the exercise, the administration demanded that Turkey use no F-16 fighter planes or other American or NATO technology. (The Turks said they'd use older planes instead.)

We have plenty of reasons to worry about this and other growing Chinese alliances. To be sure, China's military has a way to go before it can equal ours. But with a fast-growing Chinese economy and a thirst for oil and other resources -- and with a new generation of ever-more aggressive People's Liberation Army generals who see America as the enemy -- we'd better pay attention."

We once only worried about the threat of radical Islam and a few rogue states and organizations. Now with China actually coddling such threats to peace, we are left wondering who will counter the gathering forces that are opposing the Western democracies. as if the most oil and natural gas rich nation in the Western hemisphere needed nuclear capabilities, it was announced today that Russia will be assisting Venezuela to develop nuclear capabilities. For "peaceful" purposes, I'm sure.

I'm not aware of a single country besides of the US who could meaningfully oppose such nefarious alliances. Pat Buchanan today, is floating the idea of actually charging Europe for the safety and protections that they have enjoyed for years, courtesy of the US military. Quote, "If we are going to play Romans, why not demand tribute, as the Romans did?"


Froggie said...

Oh JD, you're cracking me up! You are soooo naieve!
You seem to think the USA is the end all be all. We are merely at a point of time in a continuum that started long before The USA was discovered and will end long after the USA has ceased to exist as we know it.

Sometimes I think you are a 10 year old school girl. Yes, you and most other average Ameicans.
Your actual understanding of what is happening in the world would fit in a sunflowerseed shell, if that.

Did you know that China has as many honor students in advanced high school placement classes as we have TOTAL STUDENTS in the USA?

Did you know that it is inevitable that China will become the dominant power? It cannot be any other way. We will have to find a way to work with them, not the other way around as most arrogant Americans think.

Captitalism is reaching it's breaking point and we will go from a profit based economy to a resources based economy in the next hundred years.

Capitalism is the wage slavery of immense humanity in a politically corrupt,manipulated MARKET SYSTEM OF ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY ,a tyrannical,destructive system to perpetuate poverty and exploitation in the interest of the ruling class. Capitalism from its mercantile plundering and enslavement of African natives to its Millitaristic rise of European Powers to World wars and Financial serfdom of the world has been a DISASTEROUS imposition .

The shift toward China is happening right before your blind and ignorant eyes. We are joined at the hip with China RIGHT NOW.

It is impossible to stop "Progress," meaning the inevitable shift that happens in the course of history.

To get a bit of an idea of how this works, please watch this video

PS and no, Jesus is not going to come back and fix it for you.

The Maryland Crustacean said...

Not to get off topic, JD, but I have always been intrigued by the subtitle of your blog:

"The place to discuss Christianity, Right Wing Politics and which beer is best."

I am not sure I have seen a single post about beer, unless I missed it. I would enjoy reading it, even though--truth be told--it has to be an awfully hot day and a very cold beer for me to enjoy one. I have a different beverage of choice:


Froggie said...

"...it has to be an awfully hot day and a very cold beer for me to enjoy one."

Blasphemer! Hell bound!