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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joe Paterno Out At Penn State?

Say it ain't so Joe! Rumor has it that this year's Outback Bowl against the University of Florida Gators will be Joe Paterno's last game. The man who has guided Penn State University to national championships and umpteen winning records over the last 61 years is about to finally step down after so many years at PSU. I guess when one reaches 84 years of age, then a bit of rest and relaxation is well deserved.

Godspeed JoePa, enjoy your retirement if this is true. 61 years, all at the same institution with nary a whiff of scandal in all those decades. You did it your way, which was with class.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Of all of the future pro football players Paterno ever coached, he only had one Heisman Trophy winner (who is pictured up above) who, as it turns out, was a roommate of my high school football coach. Name that player.


Steve Schuler said...


Caught your New Year's greeting over at Feeno's and thought I'd dart over here and reciprocate; so HAPPY NEW YEAR to you as well!!!

Although there may not seem to be a lot that we appear to agree upon, I gotta say I have a certain degree of respect for your tenacity, even if you are usually wrong. (LAUGH!)


HAPPY NEW YEAR to YA' and rest assured that I will be praying for the soul cleansing Spirit of Socialistic Atheism to enter your heart and mind in this coming year. I won't be holding my breath though...

Laugh if You Can and Peace Always,


JD Curtis said...

Thanks Steve.

Be a good sport and give Jeff a peck on the cheek from me :-)