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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Selective Evangelization of the US State Department

Jeff Walton informs us of a growing trend in the Obama/Clinton State Department to selectively cater to certain "soft targets" and ignore the 500 Pound Gorilla In The Room known as radical Islam.

"The State Department's increasing interest in homosexual rights comes as critics -- such as the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom --have accused the Obama Administration of weakening their commitment to the freedom of religion in favor of a more narrowly defined "freedom of worship." The State Department's sudden focus upon homosexuality in sub-Saharan Africa is puzzling, as countries with far harsher policies towards homosexuals -- such as Iran and much of the Islamic world -- get an apparent pass on the matter."

Is anyone the least bit suprised here? Providing lip service to what they deem to be a repressed, minority community but doing effectively little to nothing for them is a hallmark of the liberal Left.

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The Catholic Apologist said...

JC, I think the greater question is: why are you surpirsed that Liberal Democrats are acting like....Liberal Democrats?