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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bush Was Right

In the wake of the mass release of Wikileaks documents, the MSM is suprisingly silent on one salient fact. James Zumwalt spells it out for us...

"Five years after Joe Wilson’s op-ed claimed no yellowcake was sold to Iraq — the ease with which Saddam could have snapped his fingers and reinstituted his nuclear program became apparent. In July 2008, in an operation kept secret at the time, 37 military air cargo flights shipped more than 500 metric tons of yellowcake — found in Iraq — out of the country for further transport and remediation to Canada.

The U.S. government is committed to efforts to make the world a safer place by seeking the removal of WMD threats. One would think a press undermining that effort at the time under the guise of freedom of the press would feel an obligation to accurately report the success of such a governmental effort. This should especially be the case after those same media contributed to the false perception Saddam possessed no WMD capability and, therefore, never really posed a serious threat.

As evidenced by the WikiLeaks disclosures, apparently no such obligation is felt."

Of course no such obligation exists. The existance of any such obligation by the press is as non-existant as the sincerity of the vast majority of anti-war protestors at the time who were merely seeking to make Bush look bad. If you doubt that at all, simply point me towards the huge numbers of protests and protestors that are chanting in public since a CIC with the letter 'D' after his name took the helm. (Click here for archived supporting link)

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