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Monday, January 31, 2011

Understatement of the Year so Far..

".. it probably wasn't the most sensitive thing," UC Irvine spokeswoman,Cathy Lawhon

From the file of "things that you never hear about from the MSM", Nate Jackson reports on the rather interesting choice of dinner fare at UC Irvine's 28th annual Martin Luther King Jr. symposium...

"A last-minute decision to serve fried chicken and waffles at a campus dining hall in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. was a regrettable choice and lacked sensitivity, UC Irvine officials acknowledged Wednesday...

The menu and a sign in the dining hall reading "MLK Holiday Special: Chicken and Waffles" were pulled together at the last minute by a chef and other cafeteria staff members, said UC Irvine spokeswoman Cathy Lawhon.

The culinary choices were made without any university oversight, Lawhon said.

UC Irvine student Ricardo Sparks, the 20-year-old co-chairman of the university's Black Student Union, lodged a formal complaint with the administration.

Sparks said the decision's insensitivity has outraged the student union and other ethnic student organizations on campus.

"It's just another in a long line of small events on our campus that aren't meant to be taken in a certain way, but are at least questionable in their cultural legitimacy," said John Murillo III, director of communications for the Black Student Union.

That the incident occurred during the symposium was especially disappointing, Murillo said.

"It takes all the radicalism and activism that we tried to do with the symposium and then [the cafeteria] serves chicken and waffles and takes away from all the stuff that we did," Murillo said.

Officials at UC Irvine agreed Wednesday that serving chicken and waffles on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was not in "good taste."

I don't recall hearing about this on any of the major networks. Somebody try and tell me if such an incident that reinforces racist stereotypes had occured at Liberty University, Patrick Henry College or Brigham Young that it wouldn't be front page news in Second Coming boldface type and protests galore.


Jquip said...

You'll prolly want to check yourself; but my understanding is that the chef what made the racist menu is a black woman.

Have to wonder how the sensitivity training for that will go.

photogr said...

I don't think it was a raciast menu. It was an economic menu. Considering the times, they did in fact have to control expenses.

If any one found offense in the choice of the menu, they were probably trying to stir up discontent or expected Prime Ribs or New york Strip steak along with pricey condiments.

I would imagine if the chef decided to serve Cat Fish along with black eyed peas and corn bread covered in butter( my favorites), the sensitive ones would call it racist.

Now it seems we have to be PC with food too. What the hell? I would imagine this food was free to the atendees so what is their gripe?

Gregg said...

Get a life. Get a brain would ya? Now I have heard the most ridiculous thing up to this moment. Food is not racist. The racists are those who claim the menu was racist. I agree with photogr, those who made that claim were trying to stir up controversy. I too, wonder if the food was free and what was their gripe? Give me a break!

JD Curtis said...

I am interested in starting a seperate forum and linking it to this one on Critical Race Theory to leave open as a discussion forum concerning perceived racism. That's if enough people are interested in such an idea though.

Arielle said...

You know what? That looks good, I'm hungry now.

Jquip said...

Oy what? No. Maybe I misunderstand you, but the last thing I'd be inclined for is conversation about furthering the race hustle we still have.

Racism is easy: If it's not instituted in law, sod off.

Anything else is an attempt to salve every last individual's unique thin skin.