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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Sight You Don't See Everyday

From the Belfast Telegraph we read....

"The gleam of brushed stainless steel and the rumble of DeLorean engines was seen and heard in Belfast once again yesterday as dozens of DMC-12s were seen touring the city.

The gathering signalled the 30th anniversary of the first DeLorean rolling off the production line here.

Eighty of the iconic cars have roared into Northern Ireland from across the globe to celebrate the landmark in style this week.

Some 228 delegates from 21 countries including Australia, Japan, America and across Europe have made their way to Belfast for the four-day Eurofest 2011 event."

I could have had one for a mere pittance in the late 80's, but I had just graduated high school and I had other priorities. I do see one down the street though at the garage of the best local mechanic around. The interior is completely shot and I could only imagine the exhorbitante amount of money they could ask for it.

All this demand due to one goofy movie trilogy. Thanks Michael J. Fox!

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