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Monday, May 23, 2011

Yet another reason to dislike Eliot Spitzer

While doing some online studying recently, I came across something that caused me reexamine my dislike of Eliot Spitzer and view him in a whole new way. This goes back to his days as Attorney General of the state of New York and the personal war he waged against crisis pregnancy intervention centers...

"Anne Downey, who represents the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Western New York, says, "There certainly seems to be a political motivation" behind the attorney general's investigation: "We have never been given any specifics about this alleged violation at our center. We don't know if there's even a factual basis for this significant intrusion into our activities." Downey also complains that the investigators "keep coming back and narrowing what we are allowed to say"; for example, the attorney general wants CPCs to put up signs on their doors explicitly saying the centers are not abortion clinics.

In terms of political power, the struggle between abortion providers and CPCs is a mismatch. "In the city, there are about ten abortion providers for every crisis pregnancy center," says Peggy Hartshorne of Heartbeat International, a national pro-life organization. "There really is a gigantic need in New York City for more pregnancy centers. This whole campaign by the attorney general is designed to stop that.

What do CPCs do that so offends abortion-rights proponents? "The charade is that they provide alternatives, when they don't provide alternatives, they frighten women with horror films about abortion, they lie about the psychological impact of abortion; they have even been known to lie about whether a woman is pregnant," Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt told the Washington Post. Even worse, from the abortion-rights point of view, CPCs are getting savvier about employing ultrasound technology to "trick" pregnant women into having their babies instead of aborting them. An increasing number of CPCs offer sonograms for pregnant women who visit them-and they report that women, once they see their babies moving in their wombs, overwhelmingly choose to carry the pregnancy to term. Fumed one Long Island abortion provider in the New York Times: "The bottom line is no woman is going to want an abortion after she sees a sonogram."

I struggle to understand why someone on the Left, with their characteristic catch-phrase that they would like abortions to be "Safe, Legal and Rare" would try to regulate crisis pregnancy centers out of business.

Am I alone in thinking that actually extending a helping hand to unexpectantly pregnant mothers-to be is actually a good thing and something that should be encouraged by society?

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Arielle said...

You're not alone, JD. What I found sad was the quote saying that if a pregnant woman saw a sonogram, she wasn't going to want an abortion. That's a tacit admission of the humanity of the unborn if I ever heard one... and yet, after acknowledging the impact actually seeing the baby has on women, they have the graceless gall to fume about it. How dare a woman want to keep her child instead of giving an abortion clinic money to get rid of it?