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Friday, December 2, 2011

Pro-Life=Good War, Traditional Marriage Support=Bad War?

David French writes.....

"I’ve seen this reality on college campuses. Speak to conservative college students and you’ll generally find enthusiastic pro-life support and deep ambivalence about — if not outright hostility to — preserving traditional marriage. Younger conservatives want to talk about life. They don’t want to talk about sexuality. In the larger culture, support for life is growing, with the percentage of Americans identifying as pro-life now in rough parity (and sometimes exceeding) the percentage of Americans calling themselves pro-choice. And while there’s no question that the media has long exaggerated public support for same-sex marriage (marriage amendments keep winning in state after state), there’s also no question that general polling trends are decidedly negative."

I do believe that free speech bigots are doing a masterful job at cutting off public debate on the matter by utilizing the Big Lie approach when describing their opponents. So much so that in the linked article by French, there is a quote from Tim Dalrymple who states...

"As an editor and director for a large religion website now, I can tell you: It’s substantially easier to find Christians and evangelicals to write on the abortion issue than it is to find ones who will write on same-sex marriage. Academics in particular are terrified that anything critical of homosexuality or same-sex marriage will come up before hiring or tenure committees. One of the first subjects we addressed in our “Public Square” at Patheos was the same-sex marriage debate, and nearly every person I approached to write on the topic had to ask himself or herself: “Am I willing to give up the next job, the next promotion, the next award, because of my views on this topic?”"

French raises an interesting point towards the end of his article in which he weighs the influence of over a decade of 'no-fault divorce' has had over the traditional idea of marriage as being a covenant rather than a contract. Perhaps he is right when he says that we should begin with restoring marriage to it's rightful covenant status rather than merely a piece of paper. It's becoming more and more clear every day that the demonization of gay marriage opponents is drowning out the arguments that highlight the negative effects that gay marriage will eventually have. Based on what is happening in the arena of public debate on abortion, then perhaps, as French says, " courage, persistence, and truth can turn the tide."

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