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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Will Anomalocaris eyesight prove to be daunting for Darwinists?

If an important component of Darwinian theory is that "the highly complex species of today gradually evolved from earlier, simpler organisms" then Anomalocaris is an anomaly of the highest order (see video animation here). A recent article points out how highly complex the eyes of Anomalocaris and anything comparable is seldom seen in nature to this day...

"Bizarrely, the eyes of Anomalocaris were positioned on stalks on the side of the animal's head. The popular science media are abuzz about a recent discovery -- published in Nature and based on fossils found on Kangaroo Island, South Australia -- that Anomalocaris possessed compound eyes similar to those that modern insects and arthropods have today. The only difference is that Anomalocaris had even more lenses per eye (according to the Paterson et al. Nature article, as many as 16,000 hexagonal lenses per eye) than most of those modern groups do. These remarkable eyes (which presumably would have required a reasonably advanced brain) would have afforded the creature very sharp vision..."

The above article goes on to quote a New Scientist article which states...

"Very few modern animals, particularly arthropods, have eyes as sophisticated as this," says Paterson. Houseflies, for instance, have a mere 3000 lenses. The only comparable species are some predatory dragonflies that have up to 28,000 lenses in each eye."

I'm sure that the leadership within the Cult of the Dead Scientist is already scrambling to reassure their adherents concerning this latest problem this poses for their preferred fairy-tale beliefs. Perhaps something along the lines of finally junking Natural Selection in favor of Biased Mutation or Genetic Drift will keep the congregation happy and sufficiently obfuscate the matter for the time being. And if all else fails, they always have Genetic Flow that they can appeal to. How convenient.

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Stormbringer said...

Delete if I'm out of line, but I wonder if you've seen my creation science site, "Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman".

The passion that Darwinists hold to their blind faith is both commendable and laughable. I had one guy ask if I believed in a flat earth, too. Well, the Bible does not teach that, but, ironically, the president of the Flat Earth Society is a Darwinist!

Also, a Twitter troll kept avoiding my question on why it matters to him what I believe (they dodge this one). He finally answered in typical fundie orthodox evolutionist thought police fashion, "I care what people believe because belief leads people to stupidity that hurts other people in the name of invisible gods."

Another guy said that all Christians should be rounded up and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

We all know what happens when atheists get power...