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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are atheists mean-spirited?

I'm sure there are plenty of tatheists out there who really could not care less that there are other people out there that believe in God, it's just that I don't run into alot of them on the internet. Much more often, I encounter the snarky know-it-all types who oftentimes refuse to answer hard questions concerning their own, pet beliefs when confronted with serous questions that challenge them.

In a recent article in World magazine, Janie B. Cheaney examines some of the circumstantial evidence that atheists tend to be self-absorbed and mean-spirited...

"Can I prove that atheists tend to hold a low view of mankind? There's plenty of circumstantial evidence. One is the position they stake out for themselves as more intelligent, courageous, and honest than the general run. Two is an argument that pops up frequently in skeptical circles: If God were such a creative genius, wouldn't He have done a better job? Especially with humans? Three is the scarcity of benevolent works founded by atheists. I'm sure there are some, but their names don't spring readily to mind like, say, Samaritan's Purse, Catholic Charities, and the hundreds of hospitals named for a Saint.

Seen on Answerblog.com: "How do atheists express their love for the rest of humanity?" Answer: "You don't need religion to express love, you complete idiot. Why are all your questions so ignorant?" Genuinely warmhearted atheists exist, but warmheartedness is not the first descriptive quality that comes to mind. The more vocal ones betray themselves sooner or later: To reject God is almost always to despise people."

The above quotation reminds me of a past entry by Vox Day who related..

"The atheists with whom I do have a problem, and for whom I regularly demonstrate a great deal of contempt, are the liars, the cheats, the deceivers, and the malicious. If one genuinely believes that religion is a crutch for the weak and psychologically needed, what does it say about those who are so eager to kick that crutch out from under those who clearly need its support? And, as an armchair intellectual, I find their willful ignorance of history, religion, and philosophy to be as astonishing as it is irksome. Intelligent? I don't even consider them to be educated. To claim that religion either causes war or is an important strategic element of war is to be every bit as ignorant as the apocryphal Flat Earth proponents so often cited; the significant difference being that the Religion Causes War Society not only exists but is even willing to expound their ludicrous and historically illiterate arguments in public."


Theological Discourse said...

I can count on a single hand the amount of intelligent, decent, honest atheists I've met on the internet. I have lost count how many snarky, ignorant, uneducated idiotic atheists I have met on the internet.

Roger Pearse said...

WARNING: Is there a site "answerblog.com"? Does this "question" actually exist online, other than at the worldmag site?

Atheists circulate myths without checking; Christians must not do the same.

The material sounds true in substance, but I don't want to see Christians repeat a good story which is not in fact true.

Anonymous said...

A while back, I took atheists to task in an article "What Do You Have to Offer?" Naturally, Vox Day said it better than I did about kicking out the crutch; I was saying, in essence, "What kind of man are you?" because the article was prompted by a mean-spirited male.

Mean spirited? Most of the ones I've met. In my Twitter accounts, I am routinely attacked simply for being (a) a Christian, and (b) a creationist. They want me to know that they are smarter than I am simply by virtue of being atheists. This is a Genetic Fallacy. It's fun to slam the door on their fingers by pointing out that lovers of "reason" and "logic" fail the most simple logical procedures, preferring instead to build themselves up by putting others down.

Wouldn't it be nice if the "live and let live", "You believe, I don't big deal if we do or don't talk about it" atheist would tell the vicious child atheists to settle down?

GentleSkeptic said...

Well. Whaddaya know. There is no "answerblog.com"

And no hits for "How do atheists express their love for the rest of humanity?" on Yahoo answers. When I paste the question into Google… nothing, except reposts of Janie's article. #4 is "A false quotation circulated by Christians?" And #5 is you, JD.

Hmm. Can you verify, JD? I know a good Christian would never bear false witness.

(p.s. I already know the real answer.)

JD Curtis said...

The actual quotation is here.


Joe Conservative said...

Epistemology is never an atheist's strong suit. If it were, they would adopt a more humble and perhaps "Socratic" position... (Plato, "Apology")

JD Curtis said...

Will Roger Pearse actually address the content of the post rather than engaging in arm-flailing antics over a clerical error?

Roger Pearse said...

I'm sorry that you take it that way, JD. That atheists are indeed nasty we both know. But Christians must not "bear false witness".

A commenter at my blog provided the correct link:


So it does indeed exist.

JD Curtis said...

Thanks for your reply Roger.

Thanks for stopping by Joe C!