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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Ongoing Gayification of Abraham Lincoln

Mark Judge has a fabulous article out today concerning the interesting choice for director of the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie about the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It seems Mr. Spielberg chose radical gay director Tony Kushner to direct the biopic and let's just say that Kushner's past dealings with supposed 'history' have been a bit slanted to say the least. For instance, Judge mentions that in Kushner's 1993 play Angels in America, he has the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg visit an elderly Roy Cohn on his deathbed and admonishing him, even though history bears out that she and her husband Julius had been truly guilty of espionage.

Judge surmizes what he expects the film to contain concerning Lincoln...

"Kushner, like most liberal fanatics, is a preacher and a zealot. His form of liberalism, like so much liberalism today, is coercive. He won’t be able to stop himself until he has Lincoln in bed with another man and is able to convince the audience that Lincoln’s marriage to Mary Todd Lincoln was a betrayal of his real self and a duet to the virtually Stone Age morality of the 1860s. It will be another version of the hetero-domestic hell of dippy women and screaming toddlers in “Brokeback Mountain.” There will be plenty of other ham-fisted political messaging. We’ll see the ghoulish, toothless redneck Southerners, who will be the Nazis of the film and the stand-ins for the modern GOP. There will be the saintly slaves, whose beatings and misery will be graphic and reinforce our guilt over Evil America. There will be breathtaking battle scenes thanks to Spielberg. And above it all, the first and greatest gay progressive to occupy the White House, Honest Abe."

Let's all hope judge is wrong on this one. However, given Kushner's past record of accomplishments, I'm not holding out much hope that Judge being incorrect will actually wind up being the case.


JD Curtis said...

Titan, you need help.

Joe Conservative said...

It proved your point, though. ;)