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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mittleberg on the Problem of Evil and Suffering

A recent article over at Christianpost.com highlights 7 Points of Light as put together by apologist Mark Mittleberg. Although they are not in any particular order, I will highlight a few of them for discussion here if anyone is interested.

"First point of light: the world is as Jesus predicted
Jesus said, "In this world you will have trouble;" it's good to know that we follow a Savior who really gets it – who sees this fallen world for what it is, and who (contrary to many other religious leaders) tells us the truth about it."

Skeptics often fail to realize that if humans, through their own strivings, could attain a scientific, secular utopia where evil and suffering do not exist, this would provide evidence to disprove the existance of God. Instead, it is just as Jesus said it would be.

"Second point of light: evil was not created or caused by God
The Bible is clear: God is not the author of evil. But he did create us as real human beings with the ability to love and follow him … or not. Unfortunately we chose the "not," and brought sin and evil into the picture.

Third point of light: the cause behind most suffering is human
While it doesn't remove the pain, it can be important to remind people who are tempted to shake their fists at God for the suffering in the world that the vast majority of human pain has been inflicted directly or indirectly by other humans."

Apparently, God did not set out to create robots, but humans. Along with creating humans, He gave us the capacity to utterly accept Him or reject Him. It seems that God is not into coercion and one may accept or reject him based on the existing evidence, general revelation or special revelation. Since we have this capacity for such a wide range of reactions to God and His plan for us, people are capable of many different things ranging from good to evil.

Check out all of the points Mittleberg raises and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

(Above image- Ugandan madman dictator, Idi Amin)

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