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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Obama Administration's Neverending War on Women‏

The Obama administration's glaringly obvious disdain for women was again highlighted last week as Obama refused to support sex-selective abortions that are disproportionately killing girls...

"Why would Obama oppose legislation that doesn't ban abortion, but bans sex selective abortion? Two reasons. 1) He actually supports the idea of aborting a child based on gender preference, after all, who would want to be "punished with a baby" (insert boy or girl here). Not to mention, President Obama is a supporter of leaving babies who survive abortions to die. 2) He's pandering to his Planned Parenthood base. Both are disgusting and the fact that he is willing to stand against a bill that would help to protect both girls and boys from discrimination in the womb shows once again Obama isn't really that "likeable" or overall "good guy." As usual, the White House communications team has made sure it looks as though Obama doesn't stand for sex discrimination, but Obama's actions speak louder than words. Notice how the White House doesn't make any effort to hit back against gendercide, rather, President Obama opposes a bill that would help end it. Where is the White House solution to ending gendercide?"

It appears that Obama is merely attempting to be consistent in his worldview given that he has never voted to support life at any point, whether from conception, birth, even all the way to natural end.

If one desires even more evidence of Obama's disdain for women, simply check out this article from Time magazine detailing the 'boy's club' mentality inside the White House...

"Even when women are in the room with Obama, they are sometimes seen but not heard. At a 2010 symposium on women in finance, Christina Romer, then the chair of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, talked about the difficulty she had getting the floor in policy discussions. Suskind relates the story of how Obama reacted angrily to one suggestion by Romer, and yet calmly heard out the same point from Larry Summers a few days later. Other senior women have complained that their arguments seemed to disappear into the ether at meetings, unacknowledged by Obama. Ellen Moran, Obama’s first communications director, was the first member of his team to leave the White House, resigning just 92 days into the term...

Even at the dinner pushed for by top female staffers so they could air their grievances directly with Obama, his reaction–as told by Suskind–amounted to an apologetic shrug. The men who cut their female colleagues out of meetings and decision-making were his friends and closest advisers. He needed them, and didn’t seem inclined to rein them in. The unspoken message: toughen up and deal with it."

When one couples this latest decision not to stick up for females not yet born with the fact that Obama pays women employees about 18% less than male workers, hundreds of thousands of women losing jobs under Obama's watch and his chief campaign strategist defending Bill Maher's characterization of former governor Sarah Palin as a 'c***', (could you imagine the furor if Bush's chief campaign strategist had done so?), it's not very hard at all to apply the tag to Most Misogynistic President Ever to this complete amatuer who is obviously in WAY over his head.

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