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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally some foresight

It seems that when it comes to one of the more troublesome areas of the world that happens to be right in our own backyard, pragmatism is carrying the day.
"Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said Monday that his government is aiming to reach an agreement for what defense officials say would be the use of three airfields and two navy bases by U.S. forces...."Some third countries have expressed some concern regarding the agreement. We have always said that this agreement applies exclusively to Colombia," (Colombian Foreign Minister Jaime) Bermudez said. "We are going to end drug trafficking and terrorism. That way, we Colombians are going to be free, but we are also going to guarantee security for the entire region."
Finally, it would appear that one of the biggest threats to our (US) security that is located on our side of the Atlantic is being taken seriously. When reports come out about Hugo Chavez getting chummy with Hamas and Iran then it's time to seriously consider our options in the region. Thank God for the clear-headed thinking of President Uribe on this matter. The last time I went to Venezuela I saw the mosques going up in a previously (overwhelmingly) Catholic nation. Not that it means anything in and of itself, but forewarned is forearmed.

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