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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Party at The Grove

I was out of town for a week and held a sort of "Welcome to the Family" get together for the new Mrs. and a couple of members of her family with a whole host of members of my family. I rented a few pavilions in a private picnic grove that I have fond memories of as a youngster back in 1972. The only problem with the facilities was that nothing had been updated since before 1972. It all worked out in the end and at least there was alot of open areas and things for the young kids to run around and do. So what exactly does one provide when a group of Haitians and rural middle-class whites are meeting together for the first time? I settled on hamburgers and hot dogs for the young-uns and Jerk (Jamaican style) BBQed chicken for the adults. Everybody brought a covered dish and the menu went well. Insofar as any sort of imbibed spirits were concerned, I chose the following.....

Beer, (Venezuelan) Polar, pilsner

Beer, (Guatamalan) Famosa, lager

Rum, (Haitian) Barbancourt

And of course, cousin "Jack" came through and provided another rum de Venezuela

Rum (Venezuela) Cacique

All of this went down well for all concerned if feedback is to be believed. Thanks to Danny, Mike and Dear Old MOM for helping put together a real hootin'-anny that will be talked about for years to come.


Mike Curtis said...

Everybody had a great time Joe, nice pick on the beers! Wendy and I really enjoyed ourselves and it was great to get all of the family together. You picked a good girl Joe- better keep her!
Hope we can find a good reason (well, "any" reason) to do it all again real soon! (I've finally recovered after a week...)

JD Curtis said...

I know what you mean. What's that one area by Shadowbrook that Wendy's mom mentioned? If it's considerably better, maybe we could do something there next year.

Anonymous said...

The park is Lazy Brook on 6/11 in Tunkhannock Twp. about 2 miles before Shadowbrook. If you are interested I am sure my mom would get the contact info for you.
I reiterate Michael's comment in saying we had a wonderful time and it was a pleasure, as well as an honor, to be able to celebrate such an occasion with the two of you. Your new mate is a wonderful person and beautiful woman... don't ever take her for granted... she's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Well I think you are wonderful person also. You and Michael make a wonderful couple. Michael is very lucky to have you in his life.