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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A tangled web

It's the title of today's thought-provoking article from Thomas Sowell.
"In other words, if group X doesn't pass a test nearly as often as group Y, then there is something wrong with the test, according to this reasoning or lack of reasoning. This implicitly assumes that there cannot be any great difference between the two groups in the skills, talents or efforts required.... Does anybody seriously doubt that blacks usually play basketball better than whites? Does anybody seriously doubt that the leading cameras and lenses in world have long been produced by Germans and Japanese? Or that Jews have been over-represented among the top performers in various intellectual fields?...In a number of countries, powerless minorities have so outperformed the dominant majority that group preferences and quotas have been instituted to favor the majority group that has otherwise been unable to compete. This has happened in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Fiji, among other places. Before World War II, quotas to benefit the majority were common in a number of European universities, where Jewish students outperformed others. "
Never could I imagine that the left would nominate someone so supremely unqualified as Sotomayor for the SCOTUS. Even with the numbers needed in the Senate to pass her confirmation, it still seems like it's far from a done deal and the Obamunists just might have a nice little suprise when the vote is finally taken.

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