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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Romney: On jobs, where's Obama?

Republican front-runner for 2012 Mitt Romney criticized President Obama earlier this week when he pointed out...

"President Obama didn't cause the recession, but he made it worse and caused it to last longer. From the outset, he inaugurated the most anti-investment, anti-business, anti-jobs policies we have seen since Jimmy Carter. Further, the White House has still not crafted any discernible plan to put Americans back to work. Creating good, lasting jobs will require the following:

•A tax policy that rewards savings, investment, entrepreneurial risk-taking and exports.

•Free, open and fair access to foreign markets, with a focus on constructive trade reform with China.

•Elimination of the federal bureaucratic and regulatory stranglehold on business.

•A market-driven energy policy that encourages investment in America and reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

•A commitment to fiscal responsibility through budget restraints and entitlement reform."

All of these above steps are needed if we are to stave off the upcoming economic disaster. You know things are getting pretty bad when fairly non-partisan Congressional Budget Office tells you that they "can’t conceive of any way in which the economy can continue past the year 2037 because of debt burdens" Link

Romney's campaign was the unexpected recipient of an unexpected gift from 2008 Republican runner-up to the nomination, Mike Huckabee who it seems, is also testing the waters for 2012. Quote...

"As you'll remember, in early January 2007, as his tenure as governor ran out, Huckabee ordered his staff to electronically wipe and then crush the hard drives of almost 100 laptop and desktop computers in the governor's office (soon after taking office, incoming governor Mike Beebe had to allocate $335,000 from his operating fund to buy new hard drives and computers to replace those crushed by his successor). At the time, Huckabee said that the decision to crush the hard drives was made in order to protect the privacy of those who had personal information on the drives. Critics, however, recalled that early in Huckabee's term as governor, documents, e-mails and memos stored on hard drives just like the ones that were destroyed formed the basis of embarrassing stories about Huckabee, including a 1998 story in the Arkansas Times detailing how Huckabee and his family were using the $60,000-a-year Governor's Mansion fund as their personal piggy bank. As revealed in documents provided to the Times by a former governor's office employee, the Huckabee family had used the mansion fund — which was supposed to be used only for purchases related to official state business — to buy everything from pantyhose and dog houses to meals out and loaves of Velveeta cheese."

It's shaping up to be an interesting election season folks.


Tracy said...

Didn't know a whole lot about Romney so I read his book, "No Apology: The Case for American Greatness", I really liked what I read. The book gives him a chance to really lay out what he believes and his ideas for action.

Arielle said...

Interesting might be too strong a word. I expect more of the same old, same old.

Gregg said...

I don't expect anything different other than politics as usual. It might be interesting, but I too think it will same old, same old!

Who is there in any party with the drive, integrity, character, plan, and shell/skin to ignore the 4th estate, bleeding heart liberals and truly fix this mess?

No wonder the world is so eagerly sucked into a universal leader who comes forth with a plan, we all want this mess fixed but can it's be fixed?
Gregg Metcalf
Colossians 1:28-29

Gospel-driven Disciples

JD Curtis said...

Romney has his warts as well.

Never underestimate the Republicans ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

His Lordship The Gun-Toting Atheist said...

What do you think of Trump?

Does he have a chance?

Regardless, I prefer Ron Paul.

JD Curtis said...

Trump might.

The thing that works against conservative-minded people in Republican primaries are the instances of "open primaries" (Where anyone can vote for whatever candidate of whichever party) early on in the presidential primary campaigns.

I believe thats a big reason why we got such a "winner" like McCain last time around.