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Monday, April 4, 2011

042 part II

It seems that the debate over whether Obama is actually eligible for the office he currently holds is beginning to heat up. One well known blogger put it thusly...

"..while it is still possible that Obama is Constitutionally eligible, you have to be an ignorant fool to believe that he has offered any conclusive evidence on his own behalf. And when one considers all the actual evidence that has been amassed along with the mass of information being hidden from the public, the logical conclusion is that there is something very unusual about the man that likely goes well beyond his probable lack of Constitutional eligibility."

And what is some of this "conclusive evidence" that has been amassed? Day goes on to cite an debate between two San Diego area columnists, one of whom posits an interesting, fact-filled entry that neatly summarizes the following...

"Recent documents substantiate that Obama only attended Columbia University for 9 months in 1982-1983, contrary to official accounts.

FOIA and other requests have been submitted to the State Department for passport and travel records. The Selective Service and Social Security Administrations have been asked for documentation regarding Obama’s Connecticut-based social security number 042-68-4425.

Investigators have traced the number prior to Obama’s [ending in 4424] to Newington, Conn. resident Thomas Wood, deceased at age 19. To date no government agency can explain how Obama obtained the Connecticut number when at no point in his child or early adult years was he a resident of the state.

Investigations continue into Hawaiian infant-death records for sequential relationships with Obama’s COLB record number 151 01961 010641. The Nordyke twins have made public their long-form certificates with numbers ending in 37 and 38.

There are several infant-death candidates that may have had birth certificate numbers issued during the August 1961 time frame. These efforts hope to yield more information now kept from the public."

Feel free to check out the other columnists response which basically boils down to 'I don't care, this is stupid'. Nice moron. Why don't you make a paper airplane out of the Constitution while youre at it? Last May when I posted the original installment of 042, one Obama lackey,lapdog,water carrier apologist offered up this possible explanation as to why someone who was living in Indonesia at the time was issued a Connecticut Social Security Number...

"the president "got his SSN as a child living in Indonesia and the application was just processed in Connecticut."

Seems a bit plausible. Especially when one considers that his alleged father went to school in New England (Harvard) and might have applied for little Barry's SSN while living there. It so happens that writer Jack Cashill has chimed in to cast serious doubts upon such a hypothesis...

"[Social Security] Numbers are assigned based on the return address on the request envelope, not residency," crowed Jason Linkins in the Huffington Post as though he had said something meaningful. [Jason] Linkins (of the Huffington Post) suggested two possible explanations, both preposterous. One is that Obama applied for his SSN as a little boy in Indonesia for no known reason, and the application just happened to be processed in Connecticut for no known reason either.

For the second, Linkins cited the argument of Carole Glibert, in the Yahoo-related "Associated Content." Said Gilbert, presumably with a straight face, "In fact, Barack Obama's dad attended college in Connecticut and in 1977, Obama was college aged; is it beyond reason to consider that he might have checked out his father's alma mater?"

Last time I checked, Harvard was in Massachusetts. The closest town to Harvard in Connecticut is about 90 minutes away, and there is no record that Obama Sr. lived there, let alone that Obama visited his imaginary alma mater and just happened to apply for a Social Security card while visiting."

While it is becoming increasingly obvious that Obama lied about his attendance at Columbia, is it then reasonable to ask questions as to whether there are other fabrications about parts of his history as well? As WND has announced that they will be beginning a concentrated advertising campaign utilizing both radio and television ads to prompt Obama to release his long-form birth certificate, this, the most easily avoidable contraversy of the Obama presidency is only now just beginning to heat up.

UPDATE: If there is anyone who doubts even for the slightest moment that the MSM is completely in the tank for Obama, then click here to read a recent article from the Daily Mail asserting in the strongest terms possible that Obama has already released hi birth certificate when the document that they cite is the certification of live birth and either they don't know the difference between the two documents in which they shouldnt be commenting on the matter, or they are only mere lackeys who wrote this article and they are just taking their orders from other, more well positioned liberals who are above them.


Gregg said...

My thoughts are these; first, what does it matter? If he is proven to be a non-citizen do we really think he will step down? I don't. Do we really think that the 2nd, 3rd or even the self-appointed 4th branch of government will force him to resign. I doubt it. Second, "conspiracy theorists" have been proven so wrong so many times, what real validation do they have. Third, God gave us the president He determined, we deserve, and who will continue to march toward the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. God is sovereign, Obama's heart is in the hand of God who can exalt it, humble it, or crush it at his will. Fourth, as distasteful, demoralizing, and despicable as it is, the US is not a factor in biblical prophecy - something has to take us to that point. I wish it weren't in my, my children's, or grandchildren's life time but it is coming.

It is far more interesting to me how Obama even got to the White house. A nobody with no experience and out of left field? Some group put him there for their purpose. He isn't there on his own merit. He is someone's pawn.

But all this makes good foder for discussion and debate doesn't it?

JD Curtis said...

It is far more interesting to me how Obama even got to the White house

Right. This reminds me of another Obama anamoly in which the wording was changed on the letter from the DNC to state election commissions from years past.

For example, the letter that certified that John Kerry and John Edwards were eligible under the provisions under the constitution actually contained the words that they are "legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution".

The letter for Obama and Biden stated "the following candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution and are the duly chosen candidates of both the state and the national Democratic Parties by balloting at the Presidential Preference Poll and Caucus held March 7, 2000 in the State of Hawaii and by acclamation at the National Democratic Convention held August 14–17, 2000 in Los Angeles, California."


Does it matter? I believe so. The writers of the Constitution wanted a citizen to be president because, I think, they wanted to lessen the possibility of any conflicting allegiances/unnecessary foreign attachments with any future presidents

JD Curtis said...

Another thing Gregg, my pastor feels that we arent any where near the end times also and that we have a long way to go yet.

Gregg said...

I realize there is a difference in eschatology among God's people. I didn't mean to sound dogmatic, your pastor could be right. My point is to get there we need to be guided there and it will begin sometime. My question, does it matter, is reflective of my belief that nothing would be done about it if it were discovered he was a non-citizen. That maybe cynicism on my part. Yes, I agree the framers wanted a citizen with loyalties to this country. I do too.

I wish that all the politicians had loyalty like mine, Bush, Reagan. I think we need to take a stand and say America first, let's fix our problems then maybe take a look around the globe. I don't begrudge the aid to Japan in the slightest, if we can afford it, but I sure begrudge bombing Lybia just to get rid of what's his name when I can't find a job. The bombs they drop cost more than I would be satisfied to make in a year. If Obama wants him out just send a team over and shoot him.

Ross said...

If you don't like Obama, you can vote him out next year.

Gregg said...

I truly wish that were a possibility. We don't elect Presidents. The popular vote even if we were fortunate enough to prevail won't unelect him. The electoral college seats presidents.

JD Curtis said...

Just when youn thought it couldnt get any weirder, from today's Politico..

POLL: Trump's 'birther' strategy working in NH...

Ross said...

President Combover?