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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Second State Looking to Pass Proof of Citizenship Requirement

It would appear that a second state, Oklahoma, is set to pass a bill already being considered in Arizona that would require Obama to release his long-form birth certificate (example above). In fact, there are a total of 10 states currently considering such legislation. While it may not dawn on Kool Aid drinking Obama supporters to even question why he won't release a simple document and clear up this entire contraversy and instead state legislators are meeting to force his hand to do so, writer Jack Cashill is weighing in on the decision by billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump to make the birth certificate question an ever present nightmare for the Obama team...

"Word to Donald Trump: Nothing scares our Lilliputian media like facts. Each fact you present makes them rethink their petty little mission to whittle you down to size. When asked why you don't take President Obama's word that he was born in America, simply reply, "Why should I? The story he has been telling America about the first two years of his life is provably and profoundly untrue."

This will sting. The Lilliputians have invested great emotional equity in what Obama-friendly biographer David Remnick calls his "signature appeal: the use of the details of his own life as a reflection of a kind of multicultural ideal." From the beginning, Team Obama has worked hard to protect the investment. This has meant shielding the world from all salient documentation about Obama's life, his long-form birth certificate included. In the last few years, Obama's nativity story has been told almost as often as Jesus' but with nowhere near the accuracy."

If even one state passes such legislation, Obama is through. If the original long form certificate exposes his entire nativity story as a sham, then he should have admitted so long ago. The American people are largely forgiving and a slick, Madison Avenue approach might have even been able to garner some sympathy for him. But I think we're past that point now and this is going to just get uglier for Obama.


Michael Curtis said...

it's pretty simple-

Senate RES. 511 signed April 30,2008 (co-authored by Obama himself)

2. Born to AMERICAN CITIZENS (plural)

can't get any clearer than that-

Reynold said...

Well, think that this will shut you people up?