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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why is the Left so Obsessed with Race? (Part II)

In a follow up to an earlier blog post, Andrew Klavan raises several more interesting points concerning the Left's obsession with the subject of race...

"So obsessed with race are leftists – so convinced are they that black people especially are unable to care for themselves as men and women must – that they seek to exempt blacks and other minorities from the normal rigors of competence and good behavior. Having then disgracefully and destructively lowered the standards for people with dark skin, they accuse the rest of us of racism simply for treating dark-skinned people the same as we would treat anyone! A world turned upside down.

Questions about Barack Obama’s birthplace have been long resolved and were resolved yet again when funny-haired blowhard Donald Trump bullied the White House into releasing the president’s long form birth certificate. Many on the left then railed against so-called birthers as being racist, of all things. The “racers’” convoluted logic is that demanding Obama’s birth certificate is suggesting that he’s somehow “other” because he’s black...

Twenty years in the pews of hate-monger Jeremiah Wright? Never mind. Old interviews suggesting Obama is an anti-constitutional socialist? Nothing to see here. Cowardly votes of “present,” lies about his associations with Bill Ayres, black holes in his biography? Rather than investigate, the MSM ran interference for the candidate, turning their ire instead on citizens who asked the sorts of questions they should have been asking all along.

They did this because, one, they supported Obama’s leftist policies and, two, he was black and as the press is left wing – that is to say, racist – they felt he couldn’t be treated as roughly as a white candidate would be."

I heartily agree. The performance of the lapdog media in this country is pathetic and Klavan spells out the major reason why.

Although I do differ with Klavan on at least on one aspect. It would appear that the so-called Serengeti Saviour has multiple problems with the alleged birth certificate he has proffered up. Link 1 and Link 2 and Link 3 (with video

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