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Thursday, September 1, 2011

But, Why Northern Ireland?

It's a legitimate question I suppose. You see, this has been the reponse from more than one person when I informed them of my vacation plans for this year. A certain notoriety seems to still follow that region of the world following the so called "Troubles" there that lasted from 1969 through 1998. Recent spats would indicate that perhaps they aren't entirely over. But I guess I'll have the oppoortunity to see for myself firsthand as I'm now waiting (and quite bored) in the airport for my departing flight.

But to as to why I chose this part of the world, I would first direct you toward the wonderful sell-job currently being accomplished at the website DiscoverNorthernIreland.com. You could spend a couple of hours on that site planning things to do. Also, a more esoteric reason would be to see Dunluce castle which was pictured on the inner sleeve of the Led Zeppelin album Houses of the Holy and take a few pictures there. Add to it a daytrip to Dublin and it adds up to be the makings of a very good time.

EDIT: Having spent a day here, I must remark as to how calm the city is. The tour bus guide mentioned that according to UN statistics, Belfast is the 2nd safest city in the world behind Tokyo.Don't believe the prejudices of others folks. Go out and see for yourself!


Katie said...

Welcome to N.I! Don't believe any negative press, it's beautiful (and perfectly safe) here!

JD Curtis said...

Thanks Katie!

Me and the Mrs are staying at the Merchant if you want to meet up for a pint or something.

Arielle said...

My sister and I went to Ireland in the spring of 1999. We spent a month there circling around the island. We loved Belfast and Northern Ireland. Belfast was such a beautiful city, and amazingly clean and quiet. There was never even a hint of trouble during our stay there and everyone we interacted with was friendly and polite. Dublin, by contrast, was loud and filthy and we had a run-in with at least one very rude resident while out walking.

Plus, Northern Ireland has Malin Head, one of the most beautiful scenic places I have ever seen - and Ireland has a lot of amazing scenery. I never would have guessed that the northern Atlantic could be such a deep and brilliant blue.

If I had to live in a city, but got to choose which city, it would definitely be Belfast!