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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rick Perry is decidedly NOT 'anti-science'

After reading some articles on the subject, I'm coming to the conclusion that Texas governor and GOP presidential canditate Rick Perry has been unfairly catagorized as being 'anti-science' and also 'anti-intellectual'. . In fact, Yahoonews.com is reporting...

"While Perry's private beliefs in creationism have not affected the way science is taught in Texas public schools, they are widely shared by Americans. According to a recent Fox News Poll, roughly 45 percent of respondents accept the Biblical account of creation as the explanation of life on Earth, while 21 percent hold to evolution as the explanation, and 27 percent believe both explanations have validity.

This result is illustrative of the fact that America is a deeply religious country. Furthermore the dichotomy between religious faith and scientific reality has not been entirely reconciled in the minds of most people. In any event the Fox News Poll suggests Perry's beliefs are more in line with what most Americans believe. But, if what is taught in Texas public schools is any indication, a President Perry is not likely to impose the teaching of creationism in America.

On the subject of NASA and space exploration, Perry is on far more solid ground than President Obama. On the occasion of the final mission of the space shuttle, Perry issued a statement criticizing Obama's space policy and what he regards as the administration's abrogation of America's leadership in space.

Perry's view that the Obama administration has gutted NASA's plans for space exploration is widely held by Americans. The abandonment of the moon, which has a wealth of natural resources and is relatively accessible, has been criticized by a number of scientists and other space experts. Here again Perry seems to have science, as well as common sense, on his side, while it is the Obama administration that is pursuing ideology."

In addition to space exploration, Perry is also, according to lifesitenews.com, Perry has been active in setting up stem-cell research initiatives in Texas as well..

" Perry wrote the Texas Medical Board that he wanted Texas to “become the world’s leader in the research and use of adult stem cells” and that the board should consider when they write their new rules on stem cell treatments “the revolutionary potential that adult stem cell research and therapies have on our nation’s health, quality of life and economy.”

According to the Tribune, Perry called on state leaders to invest in adult stem cell companies in his 2009 State of the State address, and that same year he awarded grants totaling $7.5 million to adult stem cell pioneers Texas A&M Health Science Center Institute of Regenerative Medicine and America Stem Cell through Texas’s Emerging Technology Fund.

The governor has also advocated banning human cloning, and has pledged to veto any measure that would provide state funds for embryonic stem cell research."

So if somebody pipes up about Rick Perry being 'anti-science', be sure and hit them up with the FACTS being that a little balance is in order here on this particular topic.


Stormbringer said...

It's equivocation. Evolution is a philosophy, a belief system about the past by people who were not there. It is immune to falsification and testing. But since the philosophy has science trappings, people will say that evolution itself IS "science". When I say that I do not believe in evolution, I get hit with such absurd remarks as, "You're opposed to science", and "Bet you hope you never get sick and need surgery!" Practical, experimental, applied sciences are NOT evolution. In fact, nobody can show me how a belief in origins has any bearing on someone's ability to calculate rocket trajectories.

Also, the equivocation happens when so-called MICRO-evolution, variations within species, is seen to occur. Big deal. There are limits, and still, nothing is changing into a completely new species.

If Rick Perry is skeptical of evolutionism, he is being a real "free thinker".

CannaKenny said...

These people used a Fox News poll to validate the idea that most Americans believe in creationism? That would be like using the Bible to validate .... well the Bible

JD Curtis said...

If Rick Perry is skeptical of evolutionism, he is being a real "free thinker"

I agree SB. Exactly what are the competing theories proposed by scintists as an alternative to common descent?

These people used a Fox News poll to validate the idea that most Americans believe in creationism? That would be like using the Bible to validate .... well the Bible

"A 2005 poll by the Louis Finkelstein Institute for Social and Religious Research found that 60% of American medical doctors reject Darwinism, stating that they do not believe man evolved through natural processes alone." Link

"Thirty-eight percent of the American medical doctors polled agreed with the statement that "Humans evolved naturally with no supernatural involvement." [Ibid]

You were saying, Kenny?

Arielle said...

Looks like another smarmy politician to me. I don't particularly care what his stated beliefs are, I've come to expect that almost all of our politicians these days, left, right, or center are liars, or weak-willed saps being manipulated by the liars.

JD Curtis said...

Oh, I certainly agree that Perry has his warts Arielle. Immigration not the least among them. what I find truly smarmy is the fact that Perry doesn't dismiss out of hand the theory of Intelligent Design and embrace the Cult of the Dead Scientist and for this he his catagorized as 'anti-science' as if there ever was such a thing.