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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still in NI

The vacation continues, pardon any lack of posting. I've learned the following so far though.

  • The fish and chips here ROCK!

  • Belfast > Dublin IMO. This is based upon the metrics of broken glass in the streets, crushed beer cans lying around and overall amount of graffiti. To be fair though, a similar comparison of a like-sized city in Ireland would probably be better for comparison.

  • You need at least 2 or 3 days to check out London instead of the mere day trip we devoted to it.

  • Smithwick's is pretty darn good and I'm imbibing that in leiu of Guiness.

  • The chicken wings here are GREAT! These people aren't exactly afraid of the deep-fryer and they generally leave them in it longer than in the states where they often come out limp and a bit under-cooked.

Hope to post more when I'm back next week. Cheers until then matey!


Stanley Kowalski said...


Did they force you to work on a fishing boat over your vacation? Jes' wondrin'... ;)

Stormbringer said...

* I love the fish and chips with malt vinegar

* Not one day, not three, but much, much longer to see London. Been there, done some of that.