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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Ever Changing Obama Nativity Story

From today's article by Joseph Farah..

"In case you missed it, Michelle Obama stated at a public event last year during the campaign that Barack Obama's mother was unmarried when she gave birth. Now, I don't really care, except for the fact that Barack Obama has told a different story – in his autobiography and elsewhere. Yes, I am nearly alone among the press in demanding that Barack Obama actually produce some evidence that he is eligible to serve as president. I also insist on seeing documentation of other claims he has made about his life – school records, travel records, health records, selective service registration records and so on. Why?
This may be a shocker for my colleagues in the media, but politicians sometimes don't tell the truth. Not only are the news media doggedly non-curious about establishing the facts, they seem manifestly hell-bent on extinguishing any curiosity among others."

Me personally? I couldnt care less about the marital status of his parents. Why doesnt he just release the document that would settle the matter once and for all? Because, I think, people might begin to examine his past a little closer and THAT'S what he doesnt want. And the plot thickens....

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Leo B. VadalĂ  said...

I'm not sure where to come down on this issue. Most people seem to look at it as a settled issue. Even a number of prominent conservatives say it is old news and not worth pursuing. I personally have no idea.

It still remains, however, that the matter could be forever laid to rest by the simple production of a real birth certificate. I have wondered sometimes if, as time goes on and the glitter wears off Obama's presidency, as he continues to take this country in the wrong direction and starts to become a liability not only to the country in general but specifically to the Democratic party, if more and more people are going to reconsider and start demanding to see those documents after all.