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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fighting Satan in Afghanistan

It's the title of Ellis Washington's latest article in which he raises several interesting questions, including.....

  • In Afghanistan, we are dealing with a vile form of human swine called the Taliban, a zealous branch of Muslim fanatics hell-bent on imposing their murderous version of Islam upon the entire world.
  • Since the Korean War (1950-53) and especially since the Vietnam War (1959-75), Neville Chamberlain socialists in Congress and every president of the past 65 years (except Ronald Reagan) have fought wars not to win, but to make the corrupt bureaucrats of the United Nations happy with us. Those are two very diametrical war objectives – peace through victory vs. compromise through appeasement.
  • The United Nations has always had ideas and policies antithetical to America's long Natural Law traditions rooted in liberty, morality, the rule of law and Veritas (truth). The U.N. and the corrupt politician in Congress all believe in Positive Law (legal fascism), humanism and moral relativism – that no one country or people are any better than another, that one's morality is predicated upon one's own culture, which should not be imposed on others. Therefore, all these imbedded socialists, fascists and communists believe in an impotent America that negotiates with other world powers not from a position of strength, but from our knees!

During the last presidential campaign and early on in the Obama administration, Afghanistan, for some reason, was portrayed as the war and that greater emphasis would be placed on that theater of engagement. When one is a Chamberlain-esque appeaser like Obama, it must be difficult to try and actually win a war as opposed to playing not to lose, which would spell disaster for US and coalition forces.


Hugo said...

Not related, but we talked about it recently and I posted it at feeno's blog too; so I know it would be interesting for you to see it.

They found another interesting transitional fossils; you know the ones you would claim they found none...

My post


JD Curtis said...

No offense Hugo, but my desktop doesnt like your temp-site. To the point that it siezes up everytime I go there. I like the topic but ehhh, what can I do? Is there a direct link to the "transitional form" fossils that you refer? I'm sure that you don't mean minor adaptations within the same species because that is not what I was disputing.

Ross said...

Hello JD. I just searched your blog for posts about Ronald Reagan. Did you see the recent HBO Reagan documentary? Do you know if it's on DVD?