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Sunday, October 11, 2009

O's albatross

Misguided Nobel will weigh on rest of his presidency

By John Bolton (excerpts)

...how to explain the Nobel Peace Prize, the most prestigious of all, to President Barack Obama , in office less than nine month?

The Nobel Prize web site says the awards recognize "extraordinary achievements," but the Obama citation refers only to his "extraordinary efforts," a dramatic contrast.

Unfortunately, this year’s Peace Prize follows a decades-long series of politicized decisions by the Norwegian Nobel committee. The committee has repeatedly rewarded its ideological brethren, the common theme being a desire to produce a more modest role for the United States in world affairs, and a larger role for multilateral organizations, or, as some describe it, "global governance."

I tend to agree with Bolton, although I'm not sure that Obama actually returning the prize was very feasable. The committee that selected Obama can't themselves cite much "achievement" on the part of Obama., only hope.

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