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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Minus Public Option, Obamacare Still Stinks

An article from Deroy Murdock. It lays bare the complete cluster that is becoming the Obama administration's current running gag, "Obamacare" or so-called "health insurance reform".
  • Arizona Republican John Kyl offered an amendment to assure that senior citizens not suffer healthcare rationing under the Physicians Feedback Program. On a party-line vote, Democrats crushed Kyl’s language and paved the road for rationing the treatment of elderly Americans under ObamaCare.
  • Democrats torpedoed Idaho Republican Mike Crapo’s amendment to block any Medicaid expansion that imposes unfunded mandates on the states.
  • Democrats killed Kentucky Republican Jim Bunning’s amendment to require that the Finance Committee’s website feature its ObamaCare bill with an official price tag for 72 hours before the Committee’s final vote. Seizing 17 percent of the American economy apparently is too urgent a task to withstand a three-day wait.
  • Democrats enshrined waste, fraud, and abuse when their party-line vote squelched Texas Republican John Cornyn’s amendment to reduce waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicaid.

The above cited article contains more nightmarish stories of the type that this administration will long be remembered for. Couple that with the fact that the all of this is fresh on the heels of (gasp) a CNN report that indicates that a full half of the country disagrees with Obama's policies, might a slumbering giant have finally been awoken? Developing......


Ross said...

This is obviously an important issue, and it shouldn't be hastily railroaded through your Congress. Our government urgently wants to pass carbon trading legislation. It feels that it can't wait until this December's climate change summit in Copenhagen, to see what the rest of the world is going to do.

JD Curtis said...

Do they push the sales of so-called "carbon credits" there Ross?

Tracy said...

There is so MUCH to frustrate one about the proposed health care reform! Just for starters:
* I don't want any of my taxes funding abortion
* I don't want senior citizens to end up with less care options than they currently have. It's so unfair; these folks have worked all their lives and now we're going to set up a system that will reduce their benefits.
* As a middle class American I do not want to be penalized for working hard and making money by bearing a larger portion of the costs of other people's health care (many pro Obama's plan say this is selfish but I think it's realistic. I do not think people realize how much this is going to cost us)
* If the Welfare program is anything to go by; we have a nightmare to look forward to if the government handles healthcare
* No one in Britain is extolling the high quality of their governmentalized healthcare; they are not saying how great such a system is and how they feel good about all the taxes they pay so that everyone can have health insurance. Instead, the rich there still pay for their own medical needs and often even come to America.
* I'm concerned about the quality of healthcare in such a system; competition has proven time and again to produce competence. Look at the DMV - they're a government monopoly and who among us wants to go there???

JD Curtis said...

Excellent points Tracy. Especially "No one in Britain is extolling the high quality of their governmentalized healthcare". Because IT'S TRUE!