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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will Turkey lead a revived Islamic empire?

It's the title of an article from Joel Richardson. Some excerpts from that article include.....
  • What is interesting about the NIC's "over the horizon" assessment is that the coming caliphate would not be built on acts of terrorism, but instead would be established through peaceful means. By claiming to provide the Middle East with stability, peace and security, the emergence of the coming caliphate will be viewed positively by much of the world. Yet the conclusion of the 2020 report states that even a limited and moderate Islamic caliphate would pose problems for the United States and her global interests of immense proportions.
  • The truth is, even if al-Qaida succeeded in its dream of reviving a caliphate, it would only give the U.S. military a clearly defined target. But how would the U.S. to respond if Turkey, one of our historically greatest allies in the region, emerges as an Islamist superpower? What will our relationship be with a neo-Ottoman caliphate? Now, it is doubtful of course that such a historically loaded term would ever be used. Far more likely, we will see the use of a far less threatening term, such as the title championed by Adnan Oktar, a Turkish Muslim intellectual who has been calling for a "Turkish-led Islamic Union." Oktar, although a controversial figure, is highly respected in many circles and is the most published author in the Islamic world, with over 65 million of his works in circulation.
  • The Islamic World is incapable of uniting voluntarily. It is, however, capable of being dominated by a Muslim power. Throughout history, Turkey has been the Muslim power most often able to create an empire out of … the Islamic world.

I recall Dinesh D'souza writing in his book What's So Great About Christianity? that when it came to the secularization of the Islamic world, people often looked toward Turkey to lead the way. D'Souza wrote that the Islamic world is not going the way of Turkey and that lately, even Turkey isnt going the way of Turkey. That is to say, it is becoming more religious than secular. All of the above is speculation with about a 10 or 11 year timeline and I invite you to read Richardson's full article for yourself and form your own opinion. We'll have to watch and wait to see if these predictions come true.

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