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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Britain only the latest in a long line of those Thrown Under the Bus by Obama

After Jeremiah Wright, Jim Johnson and his own "typical white person" grandmother, Britain now joins what has become a long, distinuished list of those thrown under the bus by our 44th president of the United States...

"Thanks in large part to a deadly debacle at sea, things are getting shockingly tense between the US and a critical ally.

Israel? Yes. But also Britain.

President Obama’s drill-sergeant policy toward BP — yell more, maybe they’ll shoot straighter — has started to annoy British writers who say Obama’s attacks on BP do more harm than good.

“This crisis has injected an animus into transatlantic relations unseen since the days of George III,” said Telegraph columnist (and former BP exec) George Trefgarne.

Daily Mail columnist Stephen Glover said Obama harbored “anti-British prejudice” dating all the way back to Obama’s allegation in “Dreams from My Father” that his grandfather was tortured by the British army during the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya....

Immediately after taking office, Obama insulted Churchill (a bust of whom he returned to Britain), (pictured above) the Queen (by giving her an iPod loaded with his speeches) and then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown (whom he dismissed after a 30-minute chat, giving him a bunch of DVDs that won’t even work in the UK).

Last year a State Department official told Britain’s Daily Telegraph, “There’s nothing special about Britain. You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn’t expect special treatment.”

BP has said from the beginning that it will bear the cost of the Gulf spill. It will also face huge civil suits. Obama doesn’t need to act in order for BP to be punished.

Nevertheless, to make the boss look like he’s in charge, his administration keeps threatening BP with thuggish language (“We will keep our boot on their neck”) and made public a criminal probe — something the Justice Department doesn’t normally do until it actually files charges....

Why announce a criminal case that may result in no charges, or minor ones? (Attorney General, Eric) Holder’s little hissy fit helped knock $18 billion off the market value of BP stock. (Exxon spent $4.3 billion on the Valdez cleanup and litigation.) Holder also spooked other oil stocks, which dragged down the Dow Jones average with them.

Even if you think being buried headfirst in an oil well is too good for BP execs, every time Obama lashes out at them, he’s knocking down innocents. BP is Britain’s largest company and the biggest holding in most British pension funds. About one-seventh of all the dividends paid out in the British equivalent of the Dow, the FTSE 100, came from BP. In Britain’s The Independent, a left-wing environmentalist newspaper, columnist Andreas Whittam Smith wrote, “BP has been trying to do the right thing,” “BP’s success is a national interest,” and “We don’t want to lose BP."

None of this is helping the matter at all. All resources of the federal government should be directed at stopping the leak. Investigations can begin afterward. As if on cue, democrats are already blaming George W. Bush for the spill and conveniently leaving out that the Obama administration awarded the platform in question a safety award just last year. Exactly where does the buck stop with this administration and when is Obama held accountable for what happens on his watch? Anybody?


Gregg said...

What are you gonna do?

Adam Nardoli said...

We want business with as little as possible regulation then things like the spill will happen.

Adam Nardoli said...

That being said, the blame lies entirely with BP.

Froggie said...

The "Government" has no expertise in oil well engineering. They have no department of Petroleum Engineering. They have to urge BP to concentrate their resources on the problem, but otherwise there is nothing they can do.

Gandolf said...

Supposedly the miracle of faithful prayer manages to easily cure all manner of cancers and health, problems for those who worship spontaneously in an instant,but strange enough seems it never quite manages to regrow any new limbs or it seems plug up any broken under sea oil wells either.Maybe God doesnt do scuba diving??.Not enough righteous holy people left in the USA ??.

Sometimes God works in such very mysterous ways,its often hard to even know quite whats the rub.

Much blessings brother JD .

photogr said...

In fact, There is too much finger pointing and not enough quick action to cap this spill.

I would think for such a disaster ( largest oil spill so far) all agencies ( government and BP) should have all resources to stop the flow and protect the environmental harm that it is causing.

It is not going to help much as we see on TV the president shaking hands, and the Admiral having a luncheon. Then there is a few people ( 6 or less) shown on the beaches randomly picking up the mess on the beaches.

This spill is going to take thousands, not a hand full of people cleaning up the beaches and saving the wild life and fish.

In my opinion, this project is moving too too slow.

JD Curtis said...

We disagree Froggie. (Suprise, suprise)

If we had the where with all to raise a Russian sub (or parts thereof) from a depth of 16,500 feet in 1974, you would think that by now we could cap an oil leak at a depth of less than a third of that.

just sayin'

Glen20 said...

I'll never understand arm-chair petroleum engineers. How easy do you think it is to drive a multi-ton robotic submersible a mile underwater using cameras that don't provide good depth perception to plug a hole spewing oil with a pressure exceeding 5,000 PSI? It can take days just to get the necessary materials down to that depth, let alone the many hours it takes to painstakingly navigate the machinery into place, and that's assuming you don't get too close to the ocean floor because the thrusters will stir up the mud and then you'll have to wait for it to settle so that you can see what you're doing...

"All resources of the federal government should be directed at stopping the leak."

Last I checked, Obama doesn't have an engineering degree, and most of the people who do have experience with this kind of thing aren't employed by the Federal government. So I don't understand this desire for a nanny-state government that takes care of everything. If you have a stroke, do you want some Federal bureaucrat doing the brain surgery, or would you rather have a qualified and skilled doctor who has spent his whole life doing brain surgery?

That's not to say that the Feds should just ignore the problem. But there's little more that they can do aside from telling the doctor that he has to perform the surgery. The Feds could buy the equipment to help out, but everyone is so insistent on BP footing the bill. So tell me, exactly what do you expect Obama to do? Wiggle his nose like he's some Genie?