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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Israel Alone

Spelled it right this time, right Froggy? Anyway, one of the columnists that I link to on the left margin, Larry Elder (pictured above), brought up an interesting question that I'm going to throw out to you regarding the recent "flotilla" incident off the coast of Gaza... "In 1962, the United States imposed a naval blockade -- a "quarantine" -- on Cuba. What would we have done to a "humanitarian" flotilla determined to help Fidel Castro place Soviet missiles 90 miles from Florida?"

It's a legitimate question. The only difference that I can tell is that the threat to the US back then was nuclear missles whereas in Israel's present day case it would be from a terrorist organization (Hamas).
Benjamin Netanyahu has reiterated "the right of the State of Israel's to defend itself" so what is to be done in a situation like this? Buehler? Anyone?


photogr said...

Israel has every right to defend itself in it's territorial waters or outside them just as we did in the Cuban incident back in the 60's.

Considering Israel is aware of the possibility of terrorist activity that might be on these ships, they were right in doing what they had to do to protect their lands.

Just as we should do if a threat was to become evident from a terrorist group even across the sea in the Middle East.

Global terrorism knows no boundaries. And neither should we or Israel in defending our selves.

Froggie said...


"Anyway, one of the columnists that I link to on the left margin, Larry Elder....."

Your left is different than my left.
Just sayin'.

Gregg said...

I agree, Israel has every right to defend herself. I think this country is heading for some real trouble as support continues to wane for her right to exist.

Froggie said...

Although there may be some differences on opinions of how to handle certain situations, support of Israel is not going away-ever. But not because of some religious conviction- because Isreal is and has been the most important forward military base the USA has ever had.
Israel is focal point of the push-back on the Arab and Persian states.
I feel sorry for them, a country the size of New Jersey totally surrounded by hostile elements.
I can't imagine what it would be like to live there.

I do support their autonomy and right to protect themselves.

Adam Nardoli said...

Right to defend itself?
They stormed ships in international water and shot bullets into the head of an American teenager.
Oh, and the number of deaths by rockets from Gaza? Less than the number of deaths of humanitarians that morning.
As a lover of freedom and even humanity itself, I can't support the Israeli government when they oppress the people of Gaza in such an awful way.

Froggie said...

Acknowledged. I haven't been following that story enough to comment on it.
I was speaking in general terms.
I will take a moment to check it out. Thanks.

Adam Nardoli said...

(I mean I don't support the Israeli's governments right to commit crimes and injustices to defend itself, of course it can defend itself legally, and I wish it would defend itself morally.)

JD Curtis said...

I've been following this closely. these are the two best quotes (for me anyway) to come out of the articles about it today. First, from Ireland...

"With the events unfolding around the shipment blockade of Gaza, individuals from Ireland have dragged us into the national shame of being Europe's dopey cousin.

Our moralising fellow countrymen and women hide behind the fa├žade of an Irish ship after allowing themselves to be manipulated by Turkish extremists. These extremists are only intent on creating an international incident to bolster their religious causes.

To deliberately provoke a patrolling Navy means these "aid workers" are indirectly responsible for the ensuing deaths on the aid ship." Link

You gotta admit, confronting a "patrolling Navy' isnt the brightest thing in the world to do. If not bullets, then what did they expect to be met with? Matzoh balls and gefilte fish? "Welcome home son"? "I want to introduce you to my daughter"? Puh-leeez...

Secondly, from libertarian columnist, Iliana Mercer....

"Look, I, too, condemn the Israeli commandos – for sliding one-by-one into a snake pit seething with poisonous reptiles.

But by now, even (Nelson) Mandela must have seen the footage that festoons the video-sharing website YouTube attesting to the savage attacks sustained by the Israeli SEALs onboard the Turkish "Love Boat." The films show disturbingly passive soldiers stabbed, pummeled and whipped with metal pipes and chains – even fired upon – by passengers on the Turkish vessel.

The ship's security cameras have captured the human flotsam and jetsam on deck as it prepares for the attack in advance. The chief organizer of the amity armada was a Turkish outfit, the IHH, the offices of which the Turks themselves have raided because of the IHH's close ties to al-Qaida, a cozy relationship European intelligence has confirmed." Link

Bibby was right. The "Love Boat" it wasnt.

Adam Nardoli said...

You gotta admit, confronting a "patrolling Navy' isnt the brightest thing in the world to do.

They were in international waters.
It's like the IDFs penchant for using lethal force on kids who throw stones at them. It's always the fault of the stone thrower and never the fault of the armed soldiers in tanks and helicopter gunships.

Anyway, nothing will change in Gaza, something new and shiny will show up in the news cycle, and everybody will act surprised at the next atrocity. Arguing about Israel on the internet is pretty pointless.

JD Curtis said...

It just might be pointless Adam, but rest assured, it will be back in the news again soon.

In '09 Vox Day put out his thoughts on the matter and wound up coming up with 3 possible options for the region.

He and I both agree on the most pragmatic of the 3 options, but I believe we arrived at the conclusion through different angles of looking at it.

photogr said...

I would think Adam thought it was wrong for the U.S. to take up defensive positions and blockades in the Cuban missle crisis in the 60's.

Perhaps Bush was wrong in sending troops to Afganistan to fight Bin Laden and the Al Queda on foriegn soil.

I would think Israel had solid intelligence to suspect this ship might not be bringing in humanitarian aid thus they were right in taking the action they did. How ever being attacked as they boarded the ship was also wrong wouldn't you think Adam?