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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Ethicist, Bill Clinton

I almost fell out of my chair when I read this one...

"Bill Clinton calls La. senator 'sinner' in fundraising letter

"Former President Clinton has sent out a fundraising letter on behalf of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee under his own name warning that Republicans are trying to "derail' President Obama's agenda.

Not much unexpected there.

But along with the letter, Clinton has included a flyer from the DSCC that's bound to raise eyebrows.

"DSCC funds go towards efforts to unseat far-right Republican senators like admitted sinner David Vitter..." the flyer says, referring to the Louisiana senator who admitted patronizing a prostitution service when he was in the House.

Vitter has been a Clinton foe for a long time, calling on President Clinton to step down in 1998 because of his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

In 2009, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16-1 to approve President Obama’s nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State.

Casting the sole “nay” vote was Vitter, who was concerned about Bill Clinton’s “multimillion dollar minefield of conflicts of interest.”

Next time, Clinton -- an admitted sinner in his own right -- might want to check the small type in campaign material he distributes."

Indeed, he would be better off proof-reading the literature that his cronies send out with his name on it. Is this the same Bill Clinton of soiled, blue dress fame who looked right at you and said "I never had sex with that woman", and then sparked national debate on the definition of the word "sex"?

But it's not all bad news people. Last night in New Jersey, former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman, John Runyan has won the Republican nomination to run for a House seat in in the third congressional district. As anyone can deduce from my email address, I've spent many a Sunday afternoon watching the Eagles play and I know the guy is a hard worker. He's the type of guy you would hate to play against and yet love to have on your team. Good Luck John!


Tracy said...

I guess it's always easy to think someone else's sins are worse than your own.

What always bugged me most about the Clinton-Lewinsky thing was that it happened during work, in his office. I can understand someone not having the values that I have concerning fidelity and marriage; but in any other job that I know of, an employee would lose their job for having sexual encounters while at work in their office. Then of course there's the fact that he lied about it.

photogr said...

Bill Clinton proclaiming he did not have sex with Lewinsky. Then what was it? Oh the hypocrisy of our poloticians not knowing what the sex act is.