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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Who is Uri Brodsky?

In a letter to the Irish newspaper The Independent, Pat Malone of Dublin sounds off after repeatedly hearing the loud chants of "free, free Palestine" while living just a few doors down from the Isreali embassy...

"I am concerned that those protesting are unclear on certain facts and the overall picture. In 1922, after World War One, a legal document known as the British Mandate for Palestine was drawn up by the League of Nations. This agreement came into effect on September 26, 1923. It formalised British rule in Palestine (1923 -- 1948) and required the British to set up a "Jewish homeland" there.

After World War Two, Jewish survivors of the death camps were not given back the property that had been appropriated by others in their absence. Neither were all survivors taken in as refugees by the allied states. Instead they were encouraged to return to their "homeland", Zion.

Subsequently, in 1948, Britain chose to withdraw from Palestine and the aforementioned mandate was taken over by the United Nations Trust Territories. The result was civil war between the new state of Israel and its Arab neighbours.

When I hear protesters and European media sources stating Israel is a "rogue terrorist state" I find this appalling. For me it seems that the Jewish people were handed a poisoned chalice and that Europe and America have a lot to answer for in the ongoing atrocities in Israel and Palestine.

To stick a traumatised race in the middle of the Islamic world, in a territory that wasn't really ours to give, and then wag our collective finger at them when they act nervous and trigger-happy, is a travesty."

One can debate whether or not that area was "really ours to give" until the cows come home. It doesnt really change the reality of the situation on the ground one little bit. Fresh on the heels of last week's flotilla incident comes news out of Poland of the arrest of a man identified as 'Uri Brodsky' whom Germany is seeking the extradiction of on preliminary charges of "espionage" and "forgery". It is being reported that Brodsky was allegedly involved in a plot by the Isreali Secret Service, (the Mossad) involving the death of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, one of the founding member of the so-called "Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades" which comprise the military wing of the terrorist organization Hamas, in a Dubai hotel room last January. According to the US State department "The armed element [of Hamas], called the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, conducts anti-Israeli attacks, including suicide bombings against civilian targets inside Israel."

In an editorial in today's New York Sun, the following history lesson is laid out regarding the background of the German government in these type of matters...

"Robert Dean Stethem is the first person we thought of when news came over the wires of the arrest in Poland of a man the Associated Press characterizes as an alleged Mossad spy, who is sought by Germany in the case of the terrorist who allegedly was murdered in a hotel room in Dubai. Stethem is the heroic United States Navy petty officer who, 25 years ago on Monday, was seized by terrorists of Hezbollah aboard a hijacked TWA aircraft, beaten, tortured, and then pushed out a door onto the Beirut airport tarmac, where he perished. Stethem is a hero because he gave his own life to save others. One of Stethem’s killer’s, Mohammed Ali Hamadi, was eventually captured in Germany. President Reagan sought his extradition to America, but the Germans refused.

Instead, the Germans themselves put Hamadi on trial and convicted him of, among other crimes, Stethem’s murder. They gave him what was supposed to be a life sentence. But, after holding him less than 20 years, they all too characteristically released the killer, an agent of the Iranian backed terrorist organization Hezbollah, and actually escorted him back freedom at the scene of the crime....

The man being held by the Poles — his name, according to the Associated Press, is Uri Brodsky — is wanted in connection with the alleged murder of a leader of the military wing of Hamas, a terrorist organization backed by the same Iranian regime that backed the organization for which Hamadi worked. Why would the Germans want to help prosecute that case? Do the Germans regret the assassination that is alleged to have taken place against the leader of Hamas? Why did they refuse to hand Hamadi over to America? Why did they let Hamadi go after less than 20 years in prison? And escort him to go back to Lebanon? Where do they stand?

We don’t know whether Uri Brodsky is an agent of Massad or did or didn’t play a role in helping the Mossad in the assassination, if it was an assassination, in Dubai. But we do know that there is a broad war on against Israel and the rest of the Free World. And if Uri Brodsky is a partisan in that fight on the Free World’s side, the right thing for Poland to do would be to get him to where he can get back into the fight. If he needs transportation out of Poland, we know of a vessel that might be able to give him a lift — the guided missile destroyer of the Arleigh Burke class that sails under the name United States Ship Stethem" (pictured above).

So indeed friends, we are left asking 'Just who is Uri Brodsky?'. To those who support the efforts of those who would aim Katusha rockets in the area of a children's playground, then perhaps the person known as Uri Brodsky is someone who should be arrested and face the stiffest punishment possible.

For those who stand against such reckless acts of violence and it turns out that Brodsky was was a bit player in the removal of a certain terrorist leader known for this type of indiscriminate destruction, the question is, what type of punishment, if any, should he receive? Maybe he can expect the same spirit of leniency from the Germans that was extended to Mohammed Ali Hamadi? Perhaps, but I'm not holding my breath people.


Froggie said...

What point are you trying to make here and what is the significance of this?

JD Curtis said...

Do I have to spell it out for you in big capital letters in words of 2 syllables or less?

Heck, based on the information that we have (which admittedly is not all of it) I wouldnt extradite the guy to Germany at all.

In fact, I would probably buy him a Maccabee and send him on his way with a hearty shalom.

Feel free to differ of course