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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Episcopal Church ordains lesbian bishop

Basically, I'm a "live and let live" sort of person. I couldnt possibly care less what consenting adults do behind closed doors. However, it's with a little more than a little tripedation that I read the following in an article today......

"A West Coast diocese of the Episcopal Church has become the first to ordain an openly lesbian bishop, further straining the relationship between the U.S. branch and the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Mary Douglas Glasspool, 56, was consecrated as an assistant bishop at the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles in May with about 3,000 people in attendance. While she is the first openly homosexual woman to be promoted to such a status, she follows the ordination of the church's first openly homosexual bishop, V. Gene Robinson, who was consecrated in 2003.

"I am a reconciling person and I will seek to reach out and engage with people who believe or think differently than I do, and try to build a relationship with them," Glasspool said, according to Reuters.

Glasspool will assume her post at the 70,000-member diocese July 1. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said her ordination "raises very serious questions not just for the Episcopal Church and its place in the Anglican Communion but for the Communion as a whole," but he did not elaborate."

Can anyone discern for me what the Hell Archbishop Williams is saying here? It's as ambiguous as Ms. Glasspool's gender if you didnt know any better and just had a quick glance at her above picture. The world is slowly going to Hell in the proverbial handbasket. This is just another mile marker on the way.

UPDATE: I see that Fr Longenecker (who's blog I link to on the right) has posted the video of her "ordination" if you want to call it that along with the following dire disclaimer... "Warning: liturgical abuse, heresy, elderly hippies and open Episcopaganism on display." Ha!


Froggie said...

Gender ID is not what is between your legs. It's what is between your ears.

Kids are born every day with both sets of sexual organs and the wrong sexual organs to match their brain. You are a bigot.

JD Curtis said...

And what Nobel Prize winning breakthrough demonstrated this Frogster?

Froggie said...

Quit being such a churlish and lazy bastard and look it up for yourself, lil buddy.

Gregg said...

Well, this should not come as a real surprise. Although, I am grieved that God's Word and revealed will for both mankind and the church is so sorely ignored, flaunted, and rejected.

Paul said people will grow worse and worse as they teach and promote the doctrines of devils.

The Catholic Apologist said...

You have to love that name though! Such an Anglican sounding kind of name: "Glasspool."

Why couldn't I have a name like that?

Stephen Albert said...

I think it was a lack of divine inspiration Rockin.

JD Curtis said...


I have read that there are certain brain anomolies that a disproportionate percentage of alcoholics have in common.

Does that translate to all such persons with this type of atypical brain are alcoholics?


SmartLX said...

Correlation isn't causation, JD, but causation causes correlation. The above may well indicate that everyone with these anomalies has a greater tendency towards alcoholism.

The link to sexuality is more concrete. We know that all foetuses are female until 6-8 weeks, when the relevant body and brain parts are converted by testosterone if the chromosomes dictate a boy. We also know of a great many things which can interfere with this process, preventing a full conversion or causing a partial one where none is dictated. There are people out there with male bodies and female sexual instincts, and vice versa, and everything in between, there's no doubt about it. Whether this phenomenon explains all homosexuals remains to be established, but it's got to account for some of them.

Meanwhile Williams is famous for waffling, but in this case expressing general concern is all he can safely do. Support for homosexuality (including in the clergy), and opposition to it, are both high enough in Britain that the Church of England risks losing multitudes to other denominations if it either unambiguously supports gays or unambiguously denounces them.

In fact the Roman Catholic Church has advertised directly to Anglicans in an attempt to scoop up all its conservatives in case the CoE goes officially gay-friendly. With Glasspool's ordination, the Episcopalians have essentially expressed their interest in recruiting the opposite faction should the reverse occur. It seems more political than anything.

SmartLX said...

More correctly, it turns out, foetuses are of indeterminate gender until 6-8 weeks but they develop as female by default unless the chromosomes activate the hormonal trigger. Regardless, hormones develop the brain one way or the other and they are easily disrupted, so the point stands.