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Monday, August 3, 2009

30 Days and counting

Yes friends, just 30 more days until Thursday September 3rd and the new college football season kicks off. Just click here for a full rundown of the opening week's games and venues to wet your appetite for the upcoming season.

I'm going to try and score a couple of tickets to see the U of Penn Quakers vs. the Bucknell Bison on October 10th at Franklin Field. Being that the game is at U Penn, they have the sporting public by the cahones as all tickets will go on sale August 24th at 10:00 AM. I'll set my phone for speed dial and give it a try.

Maybe it's just me but I'm becoming increasingly disillusioned with pro football as the years go by and I find myself enjoying the college games on TV much more. The greater purity of the (supposedly) unpaid, amatuer athlete still seems to play with more intensity than his NFL counterpart. The marching bands, the pageantry, the smell of leaves in the fall, it brings back memories. After tomorrow it'll only be 29 days. :-)

EDIT: Since looking over the opening weekend's activities I must say, kudos to Cincinnati, Florida State, Oklahoma, Georgia and Boise State/Oregon for scheduling such good games to start off the season. By the same token, Penn State, Utah, Ohio State, West Virginia, Texas, USC and Texas Tech, SHAME ON YOU for scheduling such meaningless, also-ran, toothless patsies for the pickings in that you would be better off scheduling an intrasquad game for all the entertainment value your respective openers will provide your fans. I ESPECIALLY hope that Ohio State gets a scare from the Midshipmen.

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