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Monday, August 24, 2009

Report: Arizona Rep. considering birther lawsuit

I'll let the article speak for itself....
"Taking the birther thing to a new level, archconservative Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) is considering filing a lawsuit to put President Obama on the spot over his birth documents, according to a Mohave Daily News readout of a Franks town hall meeting over the weekend."
I doubt it will ever go through and the story has been updated and it sounds more like bluster on the part of Franks more than anything else. But hey, a guy can always dream, can't he?
UPDATE: It would appear the Franks is stating that he would be willing to let Obama slide for now but for his 2012 presidential run, would make him prove his eligibility. Link to full article.


feeno said...

No wonder your so screwed up. I read over at Mak's that you grew up 1/2 baptist and 1/2 Catholic. So did me and my Brother. He ended up A Presbyterian preacher.(PCA) I went to Catholic Schools from 7th to 12th grade. My Mom is Baptist and my Dad is Catholic.

Suffering succotash Lou Holtz is on crack. I grew up rooting for the Irish, and maybe secretly always will but It's hard to root for them after the Obama debacle. Charlie Wies has got to go. Who am I kidding I will always root for ND but they are horrible, and this talk about them playing the Gators for a national championship is ridiculous.

Anyhoo I read what you wrote over at Jeff's place. He at least thinks things thru, he doesn't come to the same conclusion as I do, but he's very intelligent and is not afraid to seek/ask for tough questions. He changed his mind once, maybe he'll do it again?

Thanks for clicking over to my site, If you get real bored you can read my "testimony" it will tell you more about my Catholic/Baptist upbringing.

Peace be with you, feeno

JD Curtis said...

Thanks for the comment feeno. This might be the year for Wise. Ater all of the recruiting classes he can be held accountable for, it should finally come to fruition this year. I think Holtz was basing his predictions on their lack of a strong schedule.

PS, the church I now attend is PCA and the pastor used to be an associate pastor of D James Kennedy.