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Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's the title of today's article from Jonah Goldberg who provides some interesting insight in it.

"IF you read the papers or watch the news, you'll encounter a long list of accomplishments by the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy You're less likely to hear, however, that in his death Kennedy proved Rush Limbaugh right.
In March, the talk-show host and bete noir of progressives everywhere said that the health-care bill wending its way through Congress would eventually be dubbed "the Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill." At the time, the official position of the Democratic Party was outrage and disgust. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee initiated a petition drive demanding that the Republican Party formally denounce Limbaugh for his "reprehensible" and "truly outrageous" comments.
Fast-forward to a few hours after the announcement of Kennedy's death. Suddenly, naming the bill after Kennedy would be a moving tribute."
Kudos to Goldberg for (again) exposing the rank hypocrisy of liberals in congress. Click on the link above for the rest of this interesting article that discusses, among other things, the reasons why JFK wasnt nearly the liberal lion that revisionist historians have made him out to be.

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